Simply Sunday – Simply Memes…again

For Succinctly Yours at Grandma’s Goulash at 132 characters with spaces:
Image: to the right
Word: evolution

The evolution of this town into a tourist spot sure brought
in new job opportunities – like this tourist police. Smart uniforms too.
For Haiku Heights (prompt: death) and dVerse Poetics(my first one for dVerse Poetics this week), three haiku here. I have noticed that, each time someone close to me has died, I have done a lot of growing-up very quickly, no matter how old I was at that time (the first time I recall this happening is when I was 13, and the most recent this last year).
My friend’s sixteen year
 old brother – died,
we all grew up some.
Grandpa sick, need you
Nothing more to do, said they
I grew up some then
Grand aspirations
To be this, that, and more- they
lie buried, not dead
For Sunday Scribblings (paradise), Sunday Whirl (ditch room
poetry drunk virtue bends breaks burden
steps palace wish diminishing), OSI: Naked, and Magpie Tales(body sock image below), and dVerse Poetics (second one for growing up), I have ‘My Personal Paradise’:
My Personal Paradise
I read in a quote – “Paradise will be a kind of library”
Rooms full of books!  I
would be drunk on happiness     
I would be a little girl all over
With all her growing up done, yet
to grow up all over again
Her deepest wishes granted – she
in her dream palace
A palace without opulence or a
prince, one with rooms full of books
Books of poetry piled up here, Favorite
fiction over there,
Some non-fiction to peruse and books
on virtue too
There lies a bookshelf naked,
stripped of her burden of books
That top shelf I had to climb up
the steps to get
But it was worth it, yes, 
I now read them one by one, the pile
slowly diminishing
As I explore the interesting
bends each story takes
Ditching breaks in favor of more
time to read
All cozy and warm in a body sock
Yes, this is paradise indeed.

19 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Simply Memes…again

  1. The haiku are lovely – all three together paint a vivid image of the storms of life and the way they affect us. The library heaven – yes please, but only if I can have eternity to truly savour and appreciate all the books 🙂

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