Simply Sunday – Sunday Memes

For Magpie Tales (image – Red Chair), Succinctly Yours (image – toddler on cycle, word – backbone – I used the 140 words limit today and the poem below has 111 words), Sunday Whirl (wordle image with words), OSI (Nest), Sunday Scribblings (flood)

A flood of
memories rushed into a room long forgotten

Where birds
had build their nests and since abandoned

The leaves
swayed and fell silently into a heap outside

As little
babies on bikes skimmed pebbled paths for a ride

One leaf would
not fall, had a tough backbone, it held on tight

The heap
below for it was its end in sight

The scent of
fall filled the still space

memories watched as the other leaves fell down as if in a race

The leaf
still held on, now only by a fleck

Until the
tree gave up, the load of this last leaf seemingly too much to take

As I saw the prompts for this week’s Sunday memes, I tried to find a way to weave them all together (as usual) and this is my result here. The inspiration for this poem or rather as I wrote it, I remembered the story (not sure which way it was since we can never really figure out how the human brain works!) – ‘The Last Leaf’ by O ‘ Henry (one of my top – ten favorite short stories).

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And with post, I have managed to continue on my quest for NaBloPoMo this month – to post every day!

23 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – Sunday Memes

  1. Personalising that leaf's tenuous grasp on life is somewhat an enigma in the great picture of survival. It has another job to do and clinging on is just not playing the game!

  2. Love this! Brings back a memory of early winter 1992 … the desk in my office cubicle overlooked a row of trees in front of the building. I launched a pool … the person who correctly predicted when the last leaf would fall from the largest tree would win 'the pot.' We collected about $100! And, wouldn't you know it was me? Yep, it held tight until December 12, the day I predicted!

  3. I like your 'nest' offerring. Those abandoned bird nests we find in the rooms of abandoned homes have a message. There was once harmony and peace we hope. Your poem reminds me of a certain abandoned house I would play in as a boy.

    I did my OSI, it is on my Picture and Photo Place blog.

  4. I love the the feeling of holding on to the very last thread that connects a cherished memory, Lady in Read. How tenuous and beautifully your poem captures the spirit of the prompts. Thank you for sharing.

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