Simply Sunday – A Valentine for…

Susanna Hill is having a Valentine’s Day Contest. A children’s story, poetry or prose, maximum 200 words, about unlikely Valentines, posted on your blog is what she wants.. It is almost the deadline for it and what I could come up with is not really a story but something a little true, a little tweaked and not too unlikely but for me, in that situation, was definitely unexpected! And something that just happened over this weekend. And I made it just in time and in 153 words!

My Valentine Story

“It is almost Valentine’s day”, cried my little girl. I asked her, “What are you worried about? You had the Valentine’s party at your school already Friday so there is nothing more for you to do.” “But mommy, I need to prepare one more Valentine – just one special one! Can you help me make it?”

“OK”, I said, , wondering why she needed one more special Valentine. She knew exactly what she wanted and asked me to draw hearts, big and little, with squiggly patterns, flowers and stars in and around them, with ‘Happy
Valentine’s Day’ written in fancy cursive, and finally to cut out the whole
card in the shape of a heart.

She then said, “OK, now you are done. Thank you.”

A little while later, I heard her talking to her older brother – “Can you help me write ‘With Lots of Love To mom and dad’ on this card?”

Sunday Memes

 For Succinctly Yours (image below and word: honest) – (exactly 140 characters with no spaces!)

She glanced out the heart shaped window to look out onto the porch. If she were honest with herself, she knew she was hoping to be sitting there with him, today of all days.

For Sunday Whirl, , One Single Impression (word:Rest), Sunday Scribblings (word: Vital), here is my entry:

The Interview

 “It was almost time”, she thought, the night was turning foggy and dark She ushered out the last customers who were engaged in small-talk Closing the door and turning off the Open sign, she did all this in a blur, a happy haze Was it just yesterday when she sat weeping amidst the ransacked ruins of this very place? As she had decided that she needed to tighten the belt, To tell her parents, her sisters to work with what fate had
dealt She had remembered then, the charms on her bracelet, Recalled the old crone with her visions and a scrawny cat, She had traded
her sticker collection to the
crone who had whispered to her in a confidential tone, “Dear girl, take these charms,
I will accept anything you have in return; This will one day, be vital,
though I don’t know how or when.” And as she had looked at the charm last night, And asked for help, the phone rang sharply in the quiet It was a call for an interview;
it had completely skipped her memory She had applied for a job, for curator of the city’s famous
museum of history She was asked to come the next day, and be ready to meet the
head She arrived sharply at nine, with lots of excitement and a
little dread As she waited, she heard steps approaching her quickly She glanced up, fingering her charms nervously The man of her dreams was right in front of her And was he looking a little dumbstruck too, with wonder? It was love at first sight for both of them The first words he said, “I cannot hire you, I am sorry! I think I am in love and the no-dating policy….well,” As she stood there caught between despair and joy He gently asked her, “Something is bothering you, do tell, why?” She told him her woes and he said, “Don’t worry, my sweet You can rest, I will
take care of you and whatever you need” And so it was that her ransacked little bookstore was restored in a day to its former décor All thanks to her miracle man, her newfound love Whom she turned to greet with a smile as he entered the room
now!   (I got a little too stuck on rhyming which accounts for some
of the silliness and the long-windedness!)  

16 thoughts on “Simply Sunday – A Valentine for…

  1. Nice OSI prose poem, L in R. Rhyming is such hard fun isn't it? But then sometimes everything clicks really nice. I did rhyming of sorts in my OSI also.

  2. I agree with Kay…your SY story is sweet and poignant. I hope "he" showed up!

    And "The Interview"…what a delightful and romantic story. Many a girl's dream come true!

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