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SmartLabels: A Cool New App that Helps Organize

Are you a master-organizer who loves color-coding things as you put away your stuff? Or are you someone who is grappling at how to organize your stuff? Or maybe you are overwhelmed (or not) about an upcoming move? It could also be that you want to find a better way to store some of your stuff. I discovered SmartLabels (QR Smart Labels) recently and have started using it since then. It is certainly a very cool concept about how to keep things organized ! And more importantly, a way to help keep track of what and where things are.

As a mom who is always looking for ways to organize all the chaos in my home, and forever find myself looking for things that I know put in “this place,” this product sounded like what I need! I love it when we can use smart apps and technology to solve everyday problems like this. I am very glad that the SmartLabels product helps me do that.

Which is why I was glad to have this opportunity to work with the SmartLabels company to try out their product and share all about it honestly with you, my readers.

Between my teenage daughter (who seriously needs something like this even more than her mom and who loves the concept of using apps to find things more than her mom, well, of course) and I, we are currently working through the items in our rooms as well as the long term storage items in the garage and shed to ensure we don’t have to worry about remembering where that ski gloves are, or where that beautiful set of Christmas cards we bought years ago are when we suddenly find a need for them!!!

And as we have been using this for a couple of weeks now, I wanted to share this product with you in time for the holidays, so when you put away things again after Christmas is done, you can store them using this and label a few more storage containers in your garage or elsewhere (and you can thank me later!) Plus this can make a great gift for many people (those who love organizing, those who need organizing – this covers almost everyone, right?)!

SmartLabels: A Cool New App that Helps Organize

About the App and the Product

SmartLabels was created for the organizer in you. Catalog all of your items going into your boxes, totes or other storage containers and know where everything is at any time. Just search for whatever you have in storage and the Smart Labels app tells you where you put the box, which color sticker you used and the ID to look for on the sticker! You’ll never have to go box diving again to find that thing you haven’t needed in a year. SmartLabels makes organization easy and fun.

Unboxing is Always Fun!

While this was just labels packed neatly in a packahe from Amazon, it was still fun to receive and open them to see what the labels actualy looked like. I for one am glad that recently, Amazon packages have been keeping waste to a minimum (for me at least, since I did read an article recently stating that plastic waste has increased)

The Original labels pack

I love the color options in the original and will also look for the neon ones when I run out of labels (for now, I still have many left from the 48 in the set!)

Using It

I had recently put away a few items in boxes and bins and had a decent memory of the items within. Also, some of the items were more accessible to photograph and try out the app, so I decided to pick a few boxes and bins from this selected set while my memory was still fresh to do the same.

Phase One: Getting Ready

To use the app and product for yourself, first get the labels for yourself and then install the app. Check out the How To guide at the website for details and correct links for app as well.

I installed the SmartLabels app from the store and this was pretty easy, to confirm you are doing the right thing, you could always use the links from the website directly. Once that was done, I launched it, created a login – again quick and simple.

Phase Two: or the Scanning Phase!

As I mentioned earlier, I had a few things I recalled from having recently put away so decided to put those into inventory within the app here before I forgot! So I labeled the boxes/bins in my garage, scanned the labels, and added the following for it:

For the main box/bin where we place the label itself:

  • location (some default choices present and we can add more as needed)
  • type of storage (again, some default choices present and we can add more as needed)
  • description for the main label
  • photo for the main label

Next, we start adding the items to this and for each item, we can add the following details. We can skip them (for just once or always – our choice)

  • item name
  • description
  • photo for each item

Again, the how-to in the website has all this information. I am just adding what I did to share my experience with you.

Phase Three: Done (For Now)

I have many boxes/bins/items to scan still but sharing what I started off with from a few days ago. Descriptions for the photos from L to R in the collage below:

  1. Here are a few labels scanned for storage bins/boxes in my garage. Each number (4MFO etc) is the number on the label from SmartLabels. You can give it a name (Golu dolls in my case), set location
  2. Selecting one of the scanned boxes/bins labels from the above, I get to the details for that bin. As you can see, I have a photo for the storage bin itself plus photos for several of the items within and descriptions for the main bin and individual items
  3. Drilling down on an item from above
  4. Searching for specific item (partial search returns all boxes/bins/locations when applicable)

What I Like About it So Far

  • Free app and one that is an easy download; for both Android and iPhone (I use it on my iPhone)
  • Color coded QR code stickers to help organize different types of items or by location using color (you can use the color coding however you wish to). At this time, it offers options of
  • Allows me to scan and forget (or choose to forget what and where, for it remembers for me)
  • I can take pictures of the storage area and the storage type, as well as the items stored within that
  • I can chose to add quick notes /descriptions/ other reminders for the overall bin or box as well as for individual items within it
  • It allows for edits of photos/descriptions of items easily
  • I love that I can add/remove items as well with ease for each box/bin/storage type
  • Easy to search for and find items once entered in the app. The app’s search ability helps me look for items by name/code/other descriptors entered and this helps a lot.
  • The item pictures and descriptions can also help me plan for future shopping trips for seasonal items easily. I just need to pull up the app and check for what I already have and what I need. This is useful for holiday decor, and for other items we tend to put away for storage which then go into a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ area. Thankfully, this app will help us with the bringing it back to mind quicker and easier than before.
  • The people at SmartLabels are super responsive!

What Will Make it Way Cooler

  • The labels can have a outer protective layer/lamination of sorts to ensure they don’t get worn out or damaged for various reasons. For now, I am planning to put clear tape on them for now to avoid damage and ensure their longevity
  • The app should allow for printing, and transfer to a pdf or csv so we can
  • Options for different sizes of stickers
  • When I create new locations/storage types, it should automatically add it to the drop down list for me so I can use it for the next label. At this time, only the default items are always available and for any new locations/types I use, I need to type it in each time which can become tedious if I have a location separate from the default ones.
  • More colors and options to buy stickers by specific colors as well and not just in the packages available
  • Two copies for each sticker so we could put the stickers in two different locations on the box/bin/container we normally would end up putting information in couple of places (and in case of damage)

Upcoming Features

SmartLabels has provided me the below upcoming features that I know are sure to help.

  • SmartLabels will be adding an upgraded version the next year. Users can subscribe to it for a reasonable $11.95/year. This upgrade is sure to be worth it, for it provides:
    • an exportable PDF feature (that improvement I mentioned)
    • an inventory count feature and
    • the ability to move items between boxes/labels even more easily within the app
  • All new customers after that upgraded version is released in the coming year will get a one year free use account with purchase of a sticker pack. And they will need to upgrade early to access the PDF feature ($11.95/year). In addition, new users will also be limited to 48 labels used in the app unless they upgrade to a premium package ($29.95/year).
    • However, given my use of the product so far (and I have been labeling boxes and bins in my garage and shed), 48 labels should be more than enough for most people (except for those with lots to store/home businesses and the like/or for major moves)
  • Feel free to contact SmartLabels directly for any questions or queries.

In Summary

While the initial part takes a little work, once we have it done, it is totally worth it. And while the product and app has its cons as well, they are minor inconveniences at this point. Plus, they can be circumvented. Like putting clear tape over the labels for protecting them; or making an additional copy for yourself to use in multiple places.

So, at this point of using it for about a couple of weeks now, I can say that I am glad to have found this product, and I know it is something I will be continuing to use.

So, Are You Curious and Want it?

You can get it at various locations:

This is a sponsored post by SmartLabels. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, what do you think of a product like this? Would you use it? I am sure this will be a great thing to use for anyone moving. As for myself, I am rethinking how I organize things itself in general. Using this product has certainly given me a few cool ideas on how to put my things away in storage.

Image of a metal shelf with cardboard boxes on it; pin title says SmartLabels: A Cool New App that Helps Organize

7 thoughts on “SmartLabels: A Cool New App that Helps Organize

  1. Wow that is pretty ingenious. I am usually analog when it comes to organizing myself. I love writing down check lists, bucket lists, outlines, and even my daily planner is the old school paper book style.
    But when it comes to storage, I dont like writing down a list of what goes in the box or package so I just usually & messily write on the outside of the box some generic description as if that would help. It rarely does and thus when we need to find something it rarely goes well.
    So these Smartlabel QR codes and app with color coordination would help out greatly! Plus, I assume you could share it with others if you send someone into the storage or file room of your office to find something without you which is great too!

  2. Actually, I’m a very organized person. However, this color thing does not work for me. I’ve tried it out a couple of times in various contexts and I ended up messing – and missing 😉 Yet, not everything works for everyone, hence, this is probably fantastic for others.

  3. Anything that improves organizing definitely works for me. In truth, even though my offline life is uber minimalist and hyper organized – because I literally own like a few things – my online world needs greater clarity. I will take your post as a call to get rid of online clutter. Thanks for sharing the app with us. Enjoy your weekend.

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