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spam comments make for interesting reading

So what is it with spam (not the canned one) but the one online? And specifically comments? It is almost a whole line of business by itself. While spam comments can be annoying, and definitely need to be dealt with – my way is to approve comments on my blog before publishing them, and also using Akismet. But, both here on my new blog (since the past few months), and on my previous blogspot blog, I have dealt with spam fairly successfully, and, had fun reading many of those comments. You have to admit, some of those comments, even if bot-automated, need some creative thinking to get them going!!

Here are a few that made their way to my blog (were not published however, and marked as spam) that I found made for interesting reading. And a few actually seemed to be copied and pasted (and rewritten badly) from some children’s story somewhere – those are the ones below

‘Effeⅽtively boys,? Mοmmy lastlʏ said after theyd giove yoս plenty off silly concepts of what
Godⅾ did for enjoyablе, ?What God really likes is when folks love each other and care for each otһer like we do
in our family.? Tһat made sense to Lee and
Larry so Lee hhgged Mommy and Larry hugged dacdy to simply make God һаppy.’

‘My flip, my turn.? Larry stated еɑgewrlʏ wiggling too get аn opportunity to
talk. ?I feel tһe most effective factoг aƅout God is that he can Ьeat up the degil because the devil is scary and imply and uglyy andd unhealthy andd Ԍod can Ьeat him uup so the
devil сan?t dqmage us like he diɗ thuose dmon stuffed individuals in Jesus day.’

‘Eveгyone ⅼauɡһed trying to think about whaat kind of
pаryу Mary and Joseph gave for Jesus when He was six.
Larгy puzzled, ?I guess he favored the iⅾenticaal kind of toys we like.’

‘Properly, Ιm suгprised ʏou all left tthe very further greatesst one for me.?
Daddy stated with a teаsing smile. ?It?s
that he despatched Jesus to die for us and give us life eteгnally
and everr and that because of that we will be a family iin heaven for thousаnds and thousanmdѕ of
yeaгs. That?s pretty good isnt іt?’

The comments above are the ones that made it to my blog and they have a pattern as you can see:) While Larry and Lenny’s adventures entertain me every few days, what are the spamments that have made you smile?


2 thoughts on “spam comments make for interesting reading

  1. Wow, that’s crazy! Glad you are able to get rid of them before others see them. I have seen some crazy ones, too, but usually they make more sense. “I approve of your blog.” and then a link to whatever they are selling.

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