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We Have to Start Meeting This Way

Meeting other dVersers after a long break from them today for my day 15 post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – April 2018(and if you have not been seeing me post/comment/visit as regularly, please read my note to my readers here)

Today over at dVerse Poets Pub, all the wonderful dVersers are exploring Ars Poetica. A term meaning “the art of poetry,” an Ars Poetica poem expresses that poet’s aims for poetry and/or that poet’s theories about poetry. It has been a while since I attempted poetry (did not mean to stay away so long but ….). dVersers continue to inspire me and that helps me to keep trying my hand at poetry. Here is today’s attempt…

We Have to Start Meeting This Way

On my walk yesterday
I met an idea, who said ‘Hey,
Let me greet those words
residing in that treasure-chest
of your brain’
Bashful me, with chin up high
bade that idea a warm hi…
Thus did a poem find its way
From that idea
that met those words
strung together like beads
on a chain
in those far corners
of my brain
to this right-here, right-now
to where you find me
to when you do..
And then I turned a page
of that book I’m reading

an idea peeked out,
eager to meet my words….
Another met me

From the rising steam
of that simmering pot
with dinner aromas
all around…
in that moment of peace
that one rare moment
in the shower, in the car,
in that anytime, anywhere
all alone when i am…
in that moment of chaos
that energy-filled one
in the shower, in the car,
in that anytime, anywhere
 when everything else is
right outside the door….
when i encounter you
dear idea
in everyday moments
give you the key
to that treasure chest
that one filled with
wondrous words…

yes, we should, repeat, should
always keep meeting this way..

And Now, the End of this Post

Signing off on Day 15 on #UltimateBlogChallenge for April 2018.   My #atozchallenge and #UBCPosts: Theme_0A1  B2 C3D4 E5 F6 G7 Day8 H9 I10 J11 K12 L13 M14 Day15 N16 O17 P18 Q19 R20 S21 Day22 T23 U24 V25 W26 X27 Y28 Day29 Z30

17 thoughts on “We Have to Start Meeting This Way

  1. What a lovely poem. I get my poem ideas when I see a picture or think of something or someone. Most of my poems are just short ones but I enjoy writing them.

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