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Street (sm)Art

As we drove past the streets of quaint Winter Park, Florida, my eyes were drawn to this mural. I do not recall what the store was, or even the name of the street we were on, but I had to click a photo. Luckily, we had to stop for a red light ahead, and here is my click….

This fits perfectly into today’s prompt for the UBC (post a photo), and for RubyTuesdayToo.

this below is street art…so, you might wonder about the smart part of it.. 🙂 Here it is

I actually asked this puzzle to readers in my Liebster post here but am sure it got lost in the wordiness of the post.. so, here it is again.

One favorite question I was asked in an interview – You are given 10 bags of coins, each containing x number of coins (let us say, 500 coins each), but one bag contains coins that are fake. You only know that the fake coins weigh one gram lesser than the real coins. You are also handed a digital kitchen scale (with just one weighing pan/not a balance). How can you find out which bag contains the fake coins with just ONE weighing?  (Let me know – You can email me the answer – . and i will post it on my blog post later this week)That Random Street Art In Winter Park

5 thoughts on “Street (sm)Art

  1. Street art is a very difficult thing for any one.Last Time I see street art in new York. There red car and red art is looking so beautiful. Actually that is very said news street art are not in my country. When I see street art than I thought HO my God If I do that.

  2. I also love taking random pictures of street art. We had an amazing time in Miami in Wynwood with all the murals. Nice one! 🙂 but no idea on the coins 🙂

  3. I’m another fan of street art. The city of Rochester, New York (as one example) has been encouraging this for many reasons, including the reasons Roy Ackerman gave.

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