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Sunday Scribblings #160: Whimsical Verses Inspired by the Wonderful Dahl

Come September 13th, it is Roald Dahl’s birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than come up with the Whimsiverse, or rather a whimsical poetic form inspired by his writing. Read on to learn more about tips and ideas on how you can write your own Whimsiverse!

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Notepad and a pen over it with a cup of coffee next to it. words read Sunday Scribblings, and this is for Sunday Scribblings #160: WhimsiVerse Inspired by the Wonderful Dahl

Poetic Sundays: Whimsical Verses or the Whimsiverse

I love the word ‘whimsical’ for some reason, and you might have noticed I tend to use it often while describing and reviewing children’s books! And today, I am delightfully attempting to write whimsical verses via the Whimsiverse, a poetic form I made up inspired by the wonderful Dahl and his delightful and imaginative storytelling.

So What is the Whimsiverse?

The Whimsiverse is an attempt to capture the essence of his quirky characters, clever nonsense words, and whimsical verses and tales.

The Whimsiverse’s Characteristics

So the Whimsiverse’s elements are that at its most basic, it is:

  • any-number-of-lines poem
  • rhymed: rhyme scheme of AABBCCDD and so on…
  • free of rules of rhythm and meter: there are no strict rules for meter, allowing for flexibility in rhythm
  • themed: embrace the whimsical and imaginative spirit of Roald Dahl’s work. Have your poem contain an element of fantasy, magic, or a touch of the absurd, and even the macabre if you wish, keeping the spirit of Roald Dahl in mind
  • filled with wordplay: use tons of wordplay and try to use both Dahl’s and your own invented words

My Whimsiverse Attempt

Twicetold Tales of Whimsy

In the land of Whimsy, one day
I found myself lost, or found, I should say
There I met a Whisperwisk
Hued in rainbow colors from head to wrisk

In the land of Whimsy, eerie and gray,
I found myself lost, or found, they say,
There I met a Whisperwisk,
Hued in sinister shades from head to frisk

As I conversed in strange delight,
With the Whisperwisk, a curious sight,
It purred a song of dreams untold,
In a language only the heart could hold.

As I conversed in haunting tones,
With the Whisperwisk, its voice like moans,
It hissed a tale of dreams turned cold,
In a language only the shadows could hold

Soon, an array of creatures appeared
From the heart of Whimsy, they had neared,
Flutterwings with wings of candyfloss,
And Fuzzlefluffs with coats so soft, like moss

Soon, a legion of creatures emerged,
From the heart of Whimsy, they cruelly surged,
Flutterwings with wings like cobweb lace,
And Fuzzlefluffs with coats as pale as a ghostly face.

Three squiggly tails rushed past me
On their way to the Giggleberry tree
Oh, those fruits are truly scrumdiddlyumptious!
And when ripe, fun-ly squishous!

Three squiggly tails slithered past me,
Towards the Giggleberry tree, a sinister spree,
Oh, those fruits are wickedly scrumptious!
And when ripe, they turn malevolently squishous!

The Giggleberry is a cherished prize,
Filled with laughter that never dies,
In the Enchanted Meadow, it stands tall,
Spreading joy to one and all.

The Giggleberry is a cursed prize,
Filled with laughter that forever defies,
In the Enchanted Meadow, it looms tall,
Spreading wickedness to one and all.

The meadow is where the Bubblegum Ball takes place
The one where wishes soar on bubbles, practically race
To cotton candy clouds up above in the skies
Granting twinkling dreams with sugary eyes.

The meadow is where the Bubblegum Ball takes place,
Where wishes float in a spectral embrace,
To the ashen clouds up above in the skies,
Granting macabre dreams with eerie cries.

Giggles and laughter fill the air so sweet,
As wishes ascend on bubbles like a fleet,
The joyous procession, a colorful parade,
In the land of Whimsy, where dreams are made

Chuckles and cackles shroud the air,
As wishes rise on bubbles of despair,
The sinister procession, a ghastly parade,
In the land of Whimsy, where darkness stayed.

Soon, I had to bid goodbye
With a promise to return, I gave a sigh,
Whisperwisk and friends, they waved and smiled,
In this magical land, where joy ran wild.

Soon, I had to bid farewell,
In this haunted land, I could not dwell,
Whisperwisk and fiends, they sneered and grinned,
In this nightmarish realm, where fear has sinned.

Vidya tiru @ladyinreadwrites


On My Blog and On the Homefront

A couple of posts on the blog and college applications season for my younger child as I prepare my older one for yet another college year, this time for his stay in an off-campus apartment.


Literary Celebrations (close-to-it also!)

  • Literary birthdays this week include: O Henry and D. H. Lawrence on the 11th of September; Michael Ondaatje and James Frey on Sept 12; Daniel Defoe, Roald Dahl on the 13th; Geraldine Brooks on the 14th; Tomie dePaola, Agatha Christie, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the 15th; James Alan McPherson, Julia Donaldson, and H.A. Rey on Sept 16; Anant Pai, Cheryl Strayed, William Carlos Williams, Gail Carson Levine, and Ken Kesey on the 17th of September
  • Roald Dahl Day is on the 13th (his birthday)
  • Learning is continuous, so it is wonderful we can do so online as well. Sept 15th is  National Online Learning Day
  • And it is Batman Day on the 16th so look for those comics of this superhero
  • Smithsonian Day is observed annually on the 17th

Foodie Celebrations

Other Celebrations and Observations

Wrapped Up: My Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, you have reached the end of this Sunday Scribblings! As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about this post. Will you be attempting the Whimsiverse — my made-up form?And, of course, do let me know if you plan to celebrate any of these mentioned celebrations this coming week/month?

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  1. The 15th is Someday? Aw that’s such a funny idea, and something I’ll rememeber to celebrate so I can finish the things I had planned to do someday!

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