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Sunday Scribblings #17: Books Celebrations Dolls etc

So here I am, going back and forth between writing posts and then not, a little bit lazy and then in action mode. This past week, I slowly started moving from the lazy to the not-so-lazy mode with books, celebrations, dolls, etc.

And I am committing to the October UBC challenge, which means I hope to write more often than not in the coming weeks. And kind of also the Inktober challenge – at least the one for writers; the drawing part is something I plan to try as well, but for myself maybe.

Last Week

Just two book reviews along with my Sunday Scribblings post.

And this is the time the dolls come to visit. In the southern states of India, Navratri (literally meaning nine nights) is celebrated in many homes with the Bommai Golu (bommai meaning dolls). Here is a glimpse into the golu this year at my home (a little more simpler than I do usually), and for the ones from some years in the past, you can look at this post here.

Books Celebrations Dolls etc

Coming Up Next

A couple of book reviews that will be part of my ‘Better Late than Never’ series; some recent reads that I will review; and a couple non-book related posts (?).

A Little Bit of Randomness

Well, September is ending and here is what I should have celebrated, as far as literary celebrations go.

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month
National Library Card Sign-Up Month
Last week – Banned Books Week
1 – National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day
6 – National Read a Book Day
8 – International Literacy Day (founded by UNESCO)
22 – Dear Diary Day
22 – Hobbit Day (official birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins)
25 – National Comic Book Day
25 – National Math Storytelling Day

And I will just keep in mind that I should not forget them next year. But well, October is almost here. And here are the month-long literary celebrations for you for the month of October.

National Book Month (started by the National Book Federation)
Children’s Magazine Month
National Reading Group Month

And while these month-long literary celebrations are on, I will also be celebrating Navratri (mentioned above) and Deepavali (the festival of lights) at the end of the month.

Wrapping Up My Sunday Scribblings

Here is wishing you a wonderful time wherever you are..

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