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Sunday Scribblings #31: Reading Away Isolation

Are you reading away isolation?

Books have always been my go-to when I have nothing else to do, or even where is just too much to do and I don’t know what to do next. They are answers, rewards,

And nowadays, like so many others, I am also reading for escape, and for comfort. I read about how humans have survived things worse than what we are going through today, in history and in fiction, and that gives me the strength and the hope that we are going to be all fine and better.

The grim statistics or breaking news which only seem to be more about you-know-what (Harry Pottery?) are on side, and on the other – the worlds within books. They are always there, waiting for me to read them, to seek a way to pause, to relish those words. I identify with the characters as they go through the stories within those pages, and live their lives with them.

Disappearing into the worlds – fictional or real – takes us away, even if only for a little bit, and that is simply nice! So while we accept the new normal with its restrictions, reading provides an easing of those restrictions while staying where we are (which we have to anyways!).

So, yes, Reading Away Isolation!!

sunday scribblings

Poetic Sundays


An alphacouplet is a type of a couplet(1) with alliterations. I could not find any origins or creator information for this with my searches so far. If any of you have an idea, do let me know!

1 – A couplet is a pair of successive lines in poetry that rhyme and generally have the same metre.

What is the Alphacouplet poem and how to write it?

As mentioned earlier, the alphacouplet is an alliterative couplet. Here are its features (rules for writing one):

  • A poem of any length, consisting of rhymed couplets.
  • The final word of each couplet’s first line must be a noun.
  • And the noun is preceded by three alliterative words (adjectives, for example).
  • The second line rhymes with the first (well, of course, you say!)
  • You can have multiple such couplets, all with the same rhyme, or different ones. For example: aa or aaaaaa or aabbccaabbcc or aaaabbbb or so on
  • There are no specific rules for metre or length for the alphacouplet


My Example Alphacouplet

Well, right now, this says it all:)

My befuddled, bewildered, baffled brain
..not ready to rhyme, simply trying causes pain!

Last Week

On My Blog and Home-front

I completed the challenges(UBC and AtoZBlogging) I was working on for April, along with many other bloggers! So congratulations to one and all.

As far as the garden, I feel like Mistress Mary in the nursery rhyme, with my roses all in a row! Now I am hoping the vegetables comply equally well.

roses, roses and more roses.


I am inspired by this bird feeder that one of my favorite UBC bloggers made with her great granddaughter and hope to get to it soon. And I am thankful for the tips from the FreckledCalifornian that are definitely helping me deal with the many roly-polies in my raised bed.

My Most Recent Posts


Here are a few selections from my insta-feed this past week.


On My Blog and Home-front

I will be celebrating reading this month, in many different ways. You might be thinking, doesn’t she always!? Starting with Children’s Book Week this coming week.

And those celebrations…

There are many fun celebrations this coming week. Here are a few for you

  • May 4 is National Candied Orange Peel Day. I am going to have my dd make some more of these treats! Pictured below
  • And step out for a hike and do some bird watching as we celebrate Bird Day on the 4th of May.
  • I recall working with other parents in my kids’ classes to put together something nice to show our thanks to their teachers each year. This was in the elementary school years. And this year, we get to do it in a whole different way. Give your thanks to all those wonderful teachers on the Tuesday of this first full week in May, which is National Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Say obrigado to the teachers, the word means thank you in Portuguese as we also celebrate World Portuguese Language Day on the 5th of May.And May 6 is another opportunity to offer gratitude to these tireless frontliners – the nurses – as we celebrate National Nurses Day
  • May 8th is World Red Cross Day, a day to celebrate and honor the many volunteers across the world, whose services to humanity are countless.
  • Craving dessert? How about some brookies, also called Butterscotch Brownies on May 9th? National Butterscotch Brownie Day
Candied Orange Peel

Wrapping up my Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, this was it for my Sunday Scribblings. I would love to hear your comments on my post and if you had any favorite from the posts this week. And which of these days do you plan to celebrate (or any other)? Any thoughts about the return to a better world?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #31: Reading Away Isolation

  1. love the photo of the wall of red roses. I agree with your post about reading during lockdown, it certainly is a marvellous way to escape 😃

  2. Your roses are beautiful. I also love your photo highlights. I wish I could get into a routine where I post photos on Instagram. I don’t know why I don’t use Instagram more than I do.

    I’ve had the greatest success lately with books that focus on troubles in other places and other times, too. I wonder why that is.

    I am happy you feature different sorts of poetry on your blog. Often you inspire me to try something new. Thank you!

  3. Lovely roses!
    It’s Mothers Day this weekend in Australia, and as our govt now permits in home visiting my parents will be coming by for lunch though we still plan to practice social distancing.

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health

  4. What a unique color of your beautiful rose! And thanks for the bird feeder shout out! I enjoy doing projects with Lia, brings back memories of when I did them with her mommy. 🤗

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