Super Saturday – Saturday Memes, NaBloPoMo again, Cookbook Giveaway ends

For Saturday Snapshot and Round Robin Challenge – these are photos taken since June this year in India, Singapore, and here in the US.
Clearly the winner is heads – even if I had one more photo with tails in it, the one with heads has so many of them:)

The photos are: Old broken idols in the river Cauvery near Nimishamba Devi temple, Mysore, India; A statue in Cubbon Park, Bangalore (and though the statue looks a little gruesome, it is actually to symbolise children being cared for – do not remember exactly what the plaque near the statue said); T-Rex at a famous landmark Bangalore museum; The tail of a pirate-ship kite flying at a beach in Half Moon Bay, CA; Birds at Singapore Jurong park

For Quote It over at Freda’s: and also for Saturday Snapshot – used my photos again this time.
The first quote is an actual photo I took of this framed quote hanging at one of the most wonderful finds of ours because we took a wrong turn in the road – and ended up taking a long, curvy detour to Death Valley –  Keene Cafe – awesome food, homely service, and just plain wonderful. The second photo is also a photo taken during the same trip – a footprint in the sand at the Death Valley National Park


Six Word Saturday

How come it is December already? 

(mommy – that is me – December – month of Christmas and my son’s bday, and the holiday class parties at the kids’ school where I have to organize the party in one class)

Yippee yay, it is December already! 

(my little ones!, it is Christmas, and my son’s birthday, which means gifts, and holidays!)

Addendum to my Saturday post:
I initially planned to have a second post up today and then decided to just add on to this post from earlier today. All that is up above this addendum line, is of course, from earlier on Saturday, and the lines that follow, are part two of my Saturday post.

The ‘Vegan Eats World’ Giveaway on my blog has ended and we have a winner;
Congratulations to Meghan and a BIG THANKS to all of you who participated and commented. I sincerely hope you will all be back to visit my blog soon. And thank you to Da Capo Books for the book itself for this giveaway.

16 thoughts on “Super Saturday – Saturday Memes, NaBloPoMo again, Cookbook Giveaway ends

  1. Very nice collection of different photos from different countries.
    Love of a mother with hundreds to care for.
    I remember the footprint on the beach but still appropriate from Death Valley.

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