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Sweet Dreams: The Magic of the Right Pillow and More

I am always looking for ways to ensure sweet dreams for me and for my family. Plus, I love, love the Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of this’ song, don’t you? Today’s post brings you a scrumptious pillow I discovered thanks to Honeydew, and a few reads as well – both of which are sure to bring you those sweet dreams I mentioned.

This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links, that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support. Please see the full disclosure for more information. I only recommend products I definitely would (or have already) use myself 💗

Sweet Dreams: When the Scrumptious Pillow is Just Right

You know that elusive search? The one for the right pillow, the one that ensures you do not wake up with a crick in your neck, and the one that helps you sleep well – have those sweet dreams!!? I think I ended my search!! That is right… and while it might seem like a steep price to pay, I totally think that the superior quality of this pillow and hours of sleep where we are sure to have sweet dreams makes it totally worth it!

The Search for Sweet Dreams Began When…

So we are all side sleepers in our family (usuallu!), and I as well as my son have been waking up with that need to get that crick out of our neck each day for many years now. It is the same for my DH too. To add to that, my son’s neck discomfort has worsened to pain that is almost constant now.

Which means that we have been trying out pillows after pillows in our home. Trust me, we have more brand new pillows in storage in our garage now than most people need for years! But then, we have pillows to suit every guest’s need regardless of the type of sleeper they are. For each of those pillows we got came with great reviews but they were not just for us.

So the search continued….

Until Now

Honeydew sent me one of these pillows as part of the Amazon Associates Content Creators program to sample and I was so glad I agreed to be part of the content creators for this product the moment I received it.

Read more about Honeydew Sleep here

First Sight

It was fun unpacking this luxurious pillow! And a delight to see it unfold to its full size. There were no weird smells that usually accompany these vacuum packed items. Instead, it smelled like freshness. Like something I could use instantly.

You can see the owners (this is a family-owned business) take pride in their product in the packaging itself. Each detail is delightful! Given my love for words, I loved the playful wording in the included pamphlets.

Then there is the font on the ribbon that goes all around this bean shaped side pillow. The ribbon serves a dual purpose – beauty of course with the elegant font, and also as a support for the pillow itself.

In addition, this bean shaped side sleeper pillow comes with a shaped pillow case which is wonderful for it is hard to find them. And the pillow case is so very soft and luxurious too.

I was provided the pillow case along with the pillow but you would need to order it separately. Though i do think the pillow looks beautiful as is!

Dancing Cheek to Cheek With It

When I first danced cheek to cheek with this pillow, well, laid my head on it later that night, it was like slipping into those sweet dreams while I was awake! While I had to switch back to my pillow in a bit for I felt it was too high for me, the pillow was blessedly cool (or rather the right temperature) and so very soft and luxurious and supportive.

Instead of playing around with the filling for my needs (has customization options!) , I decided to have my DH try it out instead. Turns out, it is perfect as is for him and he loves it.

PS: My son also tried it out for a day when he was here for the holidays, and he said he woke up pain-free that morning (but it is too short of a use by him to comment..)

The Verdict

At this point, I still want to try it out after customizing it. But with the first initial feel and use, as well as DH’s use of the pillow, I have to say that these Scrumptious Pillows are MVPs (most versatile pillows!). For it turns out that “this shape provides optimal support and alignment for all sleep positions, promoting a healthy sleep posture recommended by cervical spine doctors even for those who sleep on their back or stomach.”

More About It For You (Things I Love About Honeydew!)

The proprietary fill that is cloudy soft and infused with copper to keep you cool…  I love that these are made of top-notch materials ensuring that they’re not just comfortable – but feel luxurious too!

In addition, this patented fill does not go flat like many other pillows.

You can also customize the height and firmness to your liking. And here’s another point in their favor – Honeydew gives you free fill for life.

As I mentioned earlier, these pillows are made in the USA by a family-owned business.

They are so confident that we will love their pillows that they offer a 60-day trial on their products, and offer free shipping both ways (if you choose to return this magical pillow!).

For me, right now, this Scrumptious Side Pillow is bringing all the cozy vibes that let me (well, my DH) sleep like royalty and dream those sweet dreams.

What About You? Are You Ready for Sweet Dreams too?

Ready to give it a spin? Then check out the Honeydew Scrumptious Side Pillow for yourself.

Hint: everyone is on the search for a good pillow! So why not give the gift of a scrumptious pillow this holiday season!!

They do have other options available too. If you would rather have a pillow shaped like a regular one, then the Classic Essence Pillow or the Classic Scrumptious Pillow might be the one for you! Or maybe you have been looking for a Body Pillow (like me!). They also have a Travel Pillow for those long road trips or even on flights. If you are feeling up to it, and ready to splurge on yourself (for you are worth it), then check out their Forever Young Beauty Box, which includes their pillow along with a mulberry silk pillowcase that helps reduce frizzy hair and wrinkles.

Five Reads that Lead to Sweet Dreams

Here are a few books that are sure to lead you to sweet dreams!

Disclaimer: I received digital review copies from Edelweiss for a honest review of the books below. Thanks to both Edelweiss and the publisher for the same. Cover images are via these digital review copies as well.

ABC Bedtime

ABC for Me: ABC Bedtime: Fall gently to sleep with this nighttime routine, from A to Zzz (Volume 11) (ABC for Me, 11) by Erica Harrison (1 – 4 years)

Through engaging but calming illustrations and text, ABC Bedtime provides an alphabet of ways to get kids to cooperate in getting ready for bed.

A sweet read that highlights one sleepytime word for each letter of the alphabet and includes bedtime routines along the way. I love the gentle narrative that introduces the bedtime routines to kids as well as helps with word associations. The accompanying artwork complements the text perfectly.

This is part of the ABC series of books.

Sam Can’t Sleep

Sam Can’t Sleep by Davide Cali with art by Anna Aparicio Català (4 – 8 years)

When Sam can’t sleep, he decides to ask all the other animals in the jungle if they know why. But Elephant, Snake, Monkey, Tiger and Crocodile aren’t very happy about being woken up in the middle of the night. Will Sam ever find out why he can’t sleep?

Vibrant illustrations, adorable story, sleepytime issues and questions (just like any and many young ones!).. I love all this and more in this sweet and fun story with bright artwork that works perfectly for a quick bedtime read.

Sleeping is Not for Me

Sleeping is Not for Me by José Carlos Andrés and illustrated by Alessandro Montagnana (3 – 6 years, and up)

When night falls on the savannah, the animals go to sleep. But Littlephant… still wants to play!

Oh my!! I am absolutely, totally, really in love with the absolutely, totally, really adorable illustrations in this book!! And the sweet narrative is not far behind too. While sleeping might not be for Littlephant, this book is definitely for all readers (young and old)!


Snoozefest: The Surprising Science of Sleep by Tanya Lloyd Kyi with illustrations by Valéry Goulet (11 – 14 years, and up)

From award-winning author Tanya Lloyd Kyi, an eye-opening look at the science of sleep — covering everything adolescents could possibly want to know about a subject that’s suddenly keeping them up at night!

This one is an eye-opener indeed, and while that might sound counterintuitive within this featured set of sleepytime books, it is after titled Snoozefest. It is a snoozefest of sorts, for it is full of snoozy facts. And I certainly learned a lot about sleep that I did not know before, so a book for all ages.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping by Briana Corr Scott (3 – 7 years, and up)

From celebrated author and artist Briana Corr Scott (Wildflower, The Book of Selkie) comes a nostalgic bedtime story that celebrates the milestones of growing up.

This one is a bedtime story for all ages, for parents and young kids and older kids and grandparents, and just about everyone! A book that celebrates life and growing up through the simple things that happen around each of us when we are sleeping; the routine things that we go through when our loved ones are sleeping…

With sweet emotive illustrations that celebrate diversity and a narrative that tugs at heartstrings throughout, this book makes a great gift for anyone and everyone. So get it here now.

Also check out the author’s stunningly illustrated The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Celebration of Nature book!

Bookish Memes: The Friday Five

From sleepytimes to waking up!

1 The Book and Quick Review

Woke Up Like This by Amy Lea (New Adult and College Romance Fiction)

For two high school seniors, it’s seventeen going on thirty—overnight—in a magical romantic comedy about growing up too fast and living in the moment.

#amazonpublishingpartner #netgalley

I did not think I would enjoy this as much as I did; in fact, it turned out to be one of those un-put-downable reads for me! And I loved both the main protagonists here – Char and Renner. Maybe Renner a bit more than Char. However, he seemed to be more mature for a seventeen year old than I expected. But on the other hand, I do know a few teens who are like that (at least some of the time!)

But back to the book, kind of like the ‘back to the future’ theme of this book, it is a sweet variation on 13 Going on 30 with fun and laughter mixed up with the right amount of seriousness. Amy Lea expertly weaves in tough issues like grief, abandonment, divorce, death, and more into this YA romance that is also sweet, flirty, snarky, humorous, and heartwarming as well.

I loved the many movie/book references to do with time travel and other conversations unfolding in the book at various points. Highly recommend it!

(2 & 3) Book Beginnings and First Line Friday

BOOK BEGINNINGS ON FRIDAY is hosted by Rose City Reader. What book are you happy about reading this week? Please share the opening sentence (or so) on BOOK BEGINNINGS ON FRIDAY! Add the link to your blog or social media post and visit other blogs to see what others are reading.

Happy Friday and welcome to the FIRST LINE FRIDAY, hosted by Reading is My Superpower! It’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

and then chapter one:

4 Friday 56

THE FRIDAY 56 is hosted by Freda’s Voice (currently by Anne at HeadFullofBooks) To play, open a book and turn to page 56 (or 56% on your e-reader). Find a sentence or two and post them, along with the book title and author. Then link up on Freda’s Voice and visit others in the linky. 

5 Book Blogger Hop

The purpose of THE BOOK BLOGGER HOP is to give bloggers a chance to follow other blogs, learn about new books, and befriend other bloggers. THE BOOK BLOGGER HOP is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.    

{Book Blogger Hop} — Where Do Like to Read the Most?

Well, just about everywhere, so basically anywhere. I realized I could answer this by turning those words around as well; as in: Well, just about anywhere, so basically everywhere!!

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, don’t forget to check out the Honeydew pillows as a gift to yourself for a good night’s sleep and to dream those sweet dreams too! It is a gift that is sure to keep on giving – sweet dreams and hours of slumber for sure. Which of the sleepytime books appeals to you? And do share your favorite bedtime reads too.

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  1. I am all about a good book and pillow! I like flat pillows, my family thinks I am weird. Growing up, I had a goose feather pillow or down feather pillow – real feathers inside – and it was my favorite ever. I cannot seem to find that type anymore.

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