Swoon-worthy or not?

The theme for Top Ten Tuesday this week over at The Broke and Bookish is books that make you swoon.

Per Bing, the definition of swoon is:

  • feel faint with joy: to be overwhelmed by happiness, excitement, adoration, or infatuation
  • fall in faint: to experience a sudden and usually brief loss of consciousness
  • rapture: a condition of overwhelming happiness, excitement, or infatuation

I have tons of books (and some other wish-would-be-books) that would fit into these categories.

  1. Historical romances by Julia Quinn(The Bridgertons), Stephanie Laurens(The Cynsters), Lisa Kleypas(The Hathaways), Eloisa James(The Essex Sisters), (and a few others too!)
  2. Books like ‘Cutting for Stone‘ and ‘A Suitable Boy’ for just being what they are
  3. Cookbooks whose covers and photographs (and of course, the recipes) are swoon(drool)worthy, ones I have read like ‘Vegan Eats World’ or ‘Devnaa’s India’ and ones I want to read like ‘Messy Baker’
  4. Lola and the Boy Next Door (and more like this)
  5. Jane Austen/Thomas Hardy (granted, Hardy made me bawl but there were many swoon-worthy moments that made up for whole hours of tears)
  6. Gone with the Wind (and Scarlett too)
  7. The Night Circus for its own brand of magic that inspired me to write it’s review in verse (and I have a few more that I would add here)
  8. Books about writing, language and books.
  9. Downton Abbey if rewritten into a book
  10. If movies like Roman Holiday get written into books, then I would be among the first to read them

For Teaser Tuesdays from ‘The Vegan Cookbook’, a drool-worthy photo:

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