T is for the Taj Mahal

T is for the Taj Mahal – that was the item both kids mentioned I should include for my AtoZChallenge’s letter T to go with my theme – Favorite Childhood Memories, be it games or books or food or movies or
just random somethings – with one additional twist – these are memories I
would like to build for the future as well – with my kids!

So this does count as one of those. My first trip to the Taj Mahal was when I was around 5 or 6 years old, I am guessing. I have a photo back home in India of my brother and I standing at Agra fort (silhoutted and with the gleaming white Taj in the distant background).  I tried to recreate that (though do not have my old photo) with a photo I took of my kids in a similar location – at Agra fort with the Taj in the background. The photo is below with other photos taken during the same trip.

We visited the Taj last summer and all of us were awed by it – the kids declared this was the best part of their trip despite the fact that after an hour of exploring the Taj in absolute peace with minimal crowds early in the morning, we were then caught in an unexpected downpour for the next hour as we were walking around the rest of the attractions the Taj has to offer and were drenched to the bone.  But the sheer beauty and magnificence of the place made us forget everything else.

In the below photo, which was taken at the mosque built to the left of the Taj, you can see that the floor is tiled to exactly accommodate for prayers – each tile meant for one person to lay their prayer carpet and pray.

Some more photos taken during this trip – a collage…  and if you wonder about the minimal crowds in the photographs taken, we were there at dawn (the Taj is open from dawn to dusk), and it had been raining earlier in the morning (pre-dawn) which accounted for fewer people around..
In the collage: clockwise from the top-right, one of the four towers/minarets around the Taj, a closeup shot of the Taj, the red sandstone building to the right of the Taj – which was built as the “jawab” or the mirror to the mosque on the left of the Taj to maintain the symmetry, closeup of the top of the sandstone, the front view of the mosque on the left, the entrance gate as seen from the inside and reflected in the pool, and finally the Taj and its reflection in the pool.

No photograph or description can do justice to the beauty of the Taj and we left the place with contentment and awe all at the same time!

Q to the reader:Have you visited the Taj? If not, what is the most beautiful monument you have visited? Do let me know so I can add it to my list 🙂

Signing off on Day 24 and the letter T as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge

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7 thoughts on “T is for the Taj Mahal

  1. OMG first up envy for being there with no crowds – everytime I go there, its like a sea of ppl invading it! All my pics are overcrowded and photobombed!!! Your recreation of the pic is so damn cute!
    I loved the tiles trivia – not noticed this nor was I aware of its meaning!
    Your post makes me wanna go there again- this is THE most beautiful monument for me ever!!

    ​Taaza Thindi in Bangalore

  2. The Taj Mahal was somewhere I'd promised a young self that I would see. Life rolls on….
    The most beautiful place I've ever seen is the Yosemite Valley floor, in April after some record rains in the Sierras.

  3. I've never visited the Taj Mahal and am definitely putting it on my "bucket list." Your photographs are stellar. I love them and I want to go there. I think that two of the most amazing things that I have visited are the Mayan pyramids in Mexico at Chichen Itza and Niagara Falls in winter, covered in ice and rainbows!

  4. I have never visited, so thank you for sharing photos so I could appreciate it through your eyes and the excitement of your kids seeing it for the first time! I'm not sure what the most beautiful monument is that I've visited. I was wowed by the Sistine Chapel in Rome – oh and the Colosseum. Just standing in something that had been there for so long was incredible. – Louise

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