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Teetotaciously Thursday – Teetotaciously Memes

Ode to my TBR book(s) for Theme Thursday(ribbons) and dVerse Poets Pub

You wait for me patiently in the TBR shelf
While you watch me leaf through pages
Watch me making notes to self
You watch, hoping, waiting, longingly –
For time immemorial, or so it seems
as ribbons of dust embrace you lovingly.
Me – towards the tall stack of books to be read
As I progress
You – ‘Yay’ you think with equal parts joy and dread
But , alas you are not picked, but a stranger
You will get your turn, soon
So just hang on there a little while longer

will be read..

-Vidya Tiru/LadyInRead

For Theme Thursday(ribbons):
Growing up, I had to wear pigtails to school everyday – our school frowned upon hair let loose or even pony tails (except when your hair was too short for pigtails). and so my mom faithfully oiled and braided my hair each day and tied it up with ribbons – now there were rules about ribbons too – black ribbons for all days of the week except Thursday, when we wore white ribbons. Now, the colors had no symbolism – it was just that they were part of our uniforms. We wore navy blue uniforms on all days except on Thursday when we wore white uniforms. I did have ribbons of other colors too, to wear outside school, that matched with the outfit I wore – not that we had too many occasions to wear too many others since we had uniforms for school. and then after we got home, we mostly played which meant, anything went. But I loved my ribbons until I grew up, cut my hair shorter and did not need to bother with it anymore (especially now:)). Now I have ribbons only for gift wrapping, and the ribbons my kids receive at their various sports classes as they achieve different levels (swimming, gymnastics), and the ribbons they bring home for Red Ribbon week or other awareness weeks at school.


Today happens to be the Thursday, the 13th for
this Thursday Thirteen .So many different types of ribbons:
1.Ribbons to beautify your hair
2.Bows and rosettes, and 3)gift wrapping too
4.Opening ceremonies, and 5.GUI bars, phew!
6.Next level achieved in sports – a ribbon
7.Show that you care for a cause with a ribbon
8.A ribbon-like strip of land next to glimmering waters
9. Ribbons needed too for typewriters and printers
10. Torn strips of cloth, a little ragged there
11. Reins for saying, whoa, slow down, sweet mare
12. A metal band to take a measure
13. and ribboning is a verb too, and maybe more too, but am at 13, so no pressure.

Another one for Thursday Thirteen and for AlphabeThursday – (letter is D):
This is a list of thirteen different things starting with the letter D that I love:
1. My darling daughter AND 2. My wonderful dad (I put them up here together)
3. Dancing
4. Dreaming – I love my dreams – the ones I have when i am asleep and those I have when wide awake! I encourage my kids to dream big too and follow their dreams
5. Disney – movies, the parks (not the paraphernalia)
6. My Digital camera
7. Decadent and Delicious Desserts – my favorite part of any and every meal
8. Delhi – the city where I was born
9. Daffodils – I love the color yellow and seeing daffodils in my garden always cheers me.
10. Dawn and Dusk – could not pick one from these two so they both go in here – I love watching the sky at these times.
11.The feeling of Deja Vu – Especially when it is something wonderful that gives me this feeling but even otherwise, there is something so mysterious(of course!) about this, I love it
12. Dew
13. dVerse – a new favorite of mine that starts with D

For NaBloPoMo

Are you happier when you’re working or when you’re relaxing?

Depends on the task I am doing for work/relaxation – I am happiest when I am doing work that relaxes me – blogging, watering the plants, washing the dishes(this one, I dread doing it when I see the sink full of dishes but the moment I start, I feel good about it).

10 thoughts on “Teetotaciously Thursday – Teetotaciously Memes

  1. I rarely wore ribbons in my hair, mostly because my hair was so curly. My mom always kept it cut short until I was old enough to take of my own hair, then I always liked it long. Now I keep it just past my shoulders, it is easy to take care of. I really enjoyed your ribbon story and the extra Thirteen about the different kinds of ribbons. But books, books are special and that was a special story about them.

    Thank you ever so much for giving us so many treats, they were very much enjoyed. Happy Theme Thursday. Hope you have a treat filled weekend.

    God bless.

  2. the poor book, I feel the need to pick him up and wrap him the warmth of my embrace.

    I enjoyed the stroll down ribbon lane; I was never much one for ribbons, but pigtails!

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