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The Slumbering Pearl by Tyler Oliver

Life often brings you in touch with the right people at the right times, and it has a ripple effect too! One such wonderfully right person – Katie at Hungry For Books I met via the blogging world calls this her “Suzanne” effect. And it was Katie who introduced me to Edite, and I ended up with receiving Tyler’s book The Slumbering Pearl in the mail a few days ago!! And I am delighted to be able to offer one other reader (in the US only) a chance to have this book for their own. The giveaway is on my Instagram account so do head out there to enter and to spread the word too! Thank you so much.

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The Slumbering Pearl

Book Info

Title: The Slumbering Pearl
Author: Tyler Oliver
Illustrator: Gita Treice
Length: 36 pages
Genre: Children’s Fiction/Fairy Tales (2 – 7 years)
Publisher: Daba Publishing
Source: Physical copy from the author


Deep beneath the turquoise sea, there lives a Pearl…

…And when she sleeps, something wonderful and mysterious happens. The Slumbering Pearl dreams the Universe. But there is a problem. Although she is very tired, the Pearl refuses to sleep. Can the other creatures of the sea help her sleep so she can dream the Universe into existence?

My Thoughts

What can I say about a book that captures magical whimsy and the vastness of the universe all within its pages so effortlessly?

The Slumbering Pearl takes its readers on a journey into a fantastical underwater world inhabited by beautiful dreams; or at least it seems so to me.

Like many little ones, Pearl, the sweet protagonist of this book is reluctant to fall asleep. She definitely has a case of FOMO:) Jokes aside, she needs to sleep; and we watch as all the underwater creatures put their best efforts to get her to sleep. Each one of those efforts helps illustrate how limitless imagination and creativity truly are.

Will she fall asleep? What will happen if she doesn’t, and what will happen if she will?

Read this book to find out how this delightful story plays out from start to end. Perfect for bedtime readings and at other times too.

And then there are the illustrations by @gitatreice! They are adorable, breathtaking, ethereal, frame-worthy, and full of whimsical fancies.

You cannot avoid falling in love with Pearl, her luminous eyes (aren’t they simply gorgeous!), with the world she is in, and the book itself(both the story and the artwork). Get this book for yourself and/or for a loved one. You can thank me later!!

In Summary

A fantastic fantastical book that is a must-have.

A big thank you to Edite @slumberingpearl for reaching out to me and thanks to Edite and Tyler for sending across a copy of this book. All opinions are my own; and I am truly thankful to have this book as part of my home library now.

Note: be sure to check out their website for delightful information about the book, as well as cool products featuring the stunning artwork from the book.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, have you read books where you feel you want to say more wonderful things about it but you know you need to stop at some point as well? Do let me know about the books that make you feel that way. For me, this is one such book where I could have gone on as well.. but… And if you have visited my blog often enough, you know I tend to do that sometimes!!

Anyways, I do want to find out your thoughts on this book, and truly hope you will get it for yourself. If you are in the US, enter the giveaway for a chance to win it!! Or head over to any of those links above to get it for yourself and loved ones!

21 thoughts on “The Slumbering Pearl by Tyler Oliver

  1. Such a cute little book! My daughter would love this one! She loves books so much. She was so mad that she couldn’t go to my book club with me tonight 🙁

  2. This must be a good book to read for my kids. Sadly, I can’t enter that contest since not living in the US, but good luck to all participants.

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