Thursday Poetics and Thirteen Somethings

I am at the store, in the frozen foods section, and having stocked up on pizza, ice cream and some waffles too, guiltily thrown in a packet of the edamame as well into my cart. I reach home and lovingly place my frozen comfort foods in sight and throw in the packet of edamame towards the back.


Wait, wait, don’t tell me..
She forgot again, didn’t she?
That I exist in this arctic freeze
Well, anyhow, welcome to thee
Now, we are three!!

That is number one edamame 
and you have met me 
we christen you edamathree
Another week and you will see
Number four in our company!

At dVerse today, Lillian is hosting and having us explore our refrigerator; and this here is my honest attempt (literally!!)

And one more poetry attempt as I look at the outside of my fridge and try two memes at once (dVerse poetry with Thursday Thirteen!) as I continue my UBC journey and to write 31 days.

Thirteen Somethings
That first mommy day gift (1)
which makes friends go awww
gives my heart a lift!
Circa 1999 – Santa Barbara – a day (2)
in paradise, it says
Wonder where I put the others away..
Kids in the same pose year after year
for a change, 
hold the basketball to your left my dear..(3)
The majestic sights of Page, a more recent vacay (4)
coupons luckily that can still be used today (5)
a recipe noted down (6)
a few nouns (7)
a stress-buster on my fridge door (8)
a yellow sunflower (9)
one random magnetic beer mug (10)
a little heart  – a virtual hug (11)
random artwork that brightens everyday (12)
and the clips make thirteen, hurray! (13)

12 thoughts on “Thursday Poetics and Thirteen Somethings

  1. Laughing out loud am I!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is the perfect refrigerator poem to end the series. Thank you thank you for your honesty and the edamatree! I must applaud you….for your humor here and for going the nutritious route, even if forgetting you've done it before. Chuckling. You at least tried — three times! I just roll my eyes at the freezer shelves and grab three Ben and Jerry's ice creams every time 🙂

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