To Powerball or Not, that is The Question!

As the next Powerball drawing comes closer and the amount higher than it has ever been, the question on many a mind here in the US is definitely this one – “To Powerball, or not?”

I am still pondering over this one myself, and there are a few hours of daylight tomorrow here in the Bay Area while I make up my mind. As we drove back and forth today between school and other classes, the kids definitely noticed the seemingly bigger and brighter neon boards outside all the convenience stores we passed (and they also seemed to have sprung up everywhere, was there really a store in that corner last week??) and asked me if I could stop the car and pick up a Powerball ticket so we could be instantly richer and then we talked about the odds! Well, maybe we could keep driving instead?

So here I am, reading about the Powerball and it is interesting:
1. It is the largest jackpot ever
2. You can play it online (well, in only a couple of states which do not include California – here in Cali, you can pay someone to buy the tickets for you though!)
3. The odds of winning – one in 292 million (or as a comparison given elsewhere around the internet, it is the odds of flipping a coin and managing to get heads 28 times in a row)

Or you can read about all the interesting theories floating around and enjoy the tweets that kept me LOLing on twitter

It seems tempting but with the odds staggeringly piled up high, so high against winning, maybe not.. I did win a couple of SB (#Swagbucks) searches while doing random searches for PB (Powerball)  though (and I am not very lucky at these games of chance – that lone number on my bingo ticket just waiting to be announced every time I have played says it all)

For the one(s) who win tomorrow, wonderful!! For the rest of us, there are movies we can watch instead!

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