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Okay, I have not been blogging regularly of late. I keep trying to sit down and write a few posts all at once so I can schedule them but never get around to that, of course. Then I set up a schedule so I can work on posts each day for some time but that has been backfiring on me. So until I resolve this issue and get a surefire way of blogging more regularly, I guess I have to settle for irregular posts.. 🙂

As I asked readers in my last but one post (and thanks to the readers who posted their tips), I am asking again – what has worked better for you – write many posts when you can and schedule them or set aside time each day for writing posts? Do let me know..

So, in today’s attempt to write a post, I decided to take one easy way out and write a top-ten list with the current theme out at one of my favorite places in the WWW – The Broke and the Bookish – this week’s theme – top ten sites I visit/read that are not about books. Here is my list:
1. Facebook – I joined FB mainly for one reason – my friends are all on FB and that is the only place they will respond to my messages – so I ended up having an account. Now I do go to FB everyday and spend a few minutes checking for updates from my friends and family. My updates are rare and mainly in forms of messages instead of wall posts.. but I do spend a lot of time here..
2. Pinterest – my fascination with Pinterest – more here.
3. Amazon – Not sure if this qualifies to be here but since I do have Facebook/Pinterest, decided to add this here also. Though I do spend a lot of time in the books section of amazon, I spend an equally long time in other departments browsing and looking..
4. Brain Pickings – I love this place – as the name says, get precious pickings for my brain each time. Love the variety of posts and love the uniqueness, the information, and just about everything here.
5. www.deepfun.com
6. TED – love TED Talks and have found so many interesting things here – from the most serious, intellectual talks to a talk on teaching how to tie your shoe laces the right way!!
7. http://www.myrecipes.com/ and foodnetwork.com – Food, food, food, glorious food!!
8. My world of memes – my favorite meme blogs – I have grouped them here together
9. Some of my favorite blogs from other memers (is that a word?)
and many more here which will make this list super long.
10. google/bing/yahoo – my search engines!!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Non-book blogs

  1. Here's my system: I aim to do two posts a week and visit and leave comments on ten blogs a week. I create the start of a post (a title or an idea) and save it. Then, on the weekends, when I have a little more time, I add a little more to it.

    Just now, for example, I went to your world of memes (awesome!) and started a blog post, crediting you with this lovely table. I haven't published it yet (it's very rough) but I could work on it and publish it later.

    Good luck!

    Here's my
    Top Ten List of Sites that Aren't About Books.
    Please stop by!

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