Treasure Trove Thursday of a Fun Friday!! A Collage of Memes ..

Found a new meme today – Orange You Glad It’s Friday! over at Life’s sweets and spices.
For OYGIF, I love this color – the trees outside our home blaze for a couple of weeks in early winter before the winds take a toll on them. I am glad I caught them in their fiery best a few days ago. My little ones favorite pastime in our front yard – climbing this tree – I love that these simple pleasures of childhood are part of what they enjoy (apart from the hi-tech pleasures of today)!

For Alphabe Thursday‘s letter C, it is that time of the year again – well, yes, of course, Christmas is here, the season of cheer, and for me, hot chocolate too. But this year, and specifically, this week, is a cold-front here in the Bay Area – where we love the weather!
Also, I have a Holiday Collage below for my little ones and the collages go towards other memes too..

For dVerse and this week, since dVerse has decided to go the route of fifty-five shades of verse, for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55 too, and for WeWritePoems where I found a delightful prompt today(a Holiday Collage – of verse)..

My Little Girl

Her eyes – that sparkle
With mischief, joy, thrill
Her caress – it soothes
All aches like magic.
Her laugh – a full hahaha
 wraps us all around
In its infectiousness
Happiness knows no bounds.
                a wonderland, a
magical fair
                my little princess
                her laughter fills
the air
you are my elixir of youth..my sweetness..

My Little Boy
Patient, calm, kind
Soft-spoken comes to mind
Wise soul within a child
Teacher to sis, grandmom alike.
Peacemaker you’re;
Love to be a rock-star!
In the woods – friends that fly,
On the roads – cars zoom by,
Uber-happy, you point to them,
Right with every name.
You are my tower of peace, my calm.

For  Book
: and The Friday 56: –
 from ‘The Humor Code’ (eARC) by Peter McGraw
Book Beginnings
‘We walk into the Squire Lounge just as the Denver watering hole is gearing up for its weekly open-mike comedy night. Looking around, Pete grins. “This is fantastic!”he yells over the ruckus, sounding like a field biologist who’s just discovered a strange new animal species.’

Pg 56 –
‘Start with attention-grabbing jokes, then put kidding aside and make your point.’

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  1. Climbing trees and seeing the colorful changing of the leaves are some fond memories from my childhood…

    Charming post for the letter "C"!

    Thanks for linking.


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