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Treasure Trove Thursday – Thursday Memes

For NaBloPoMo:
What blogging task takes up a lot of your energy?

I enjoy checking out the themes and prompts at all the memes and challenges I love to participate in, I love the actual working on them as well – whether it is writing a poem, finding the right quotes or photos, or reading and reviewing books after books. And after all this, I still have to link my posts back to the meme or challenge, since that is part of the fun of doing it.
Participation is not only linking back but also reading other participants posts and commenting on what you like there too. And, last but not least, responding to comments on your posts.

In addition to this, …
– well, the list is endless or at least seems so. And I do wonder why I started all this but just for a second and then the feeling is gone – since the answer is obvious, I love it – every bit of it – every
minute that I use my energy here energizes me.

For Theme Thursday (ants) and Alphabe Thursday (letter H)

Ants I believe haunt my house
I know not where they come from
But there they are again
At times, they run helter-skelter
But mostly see them marching
In perfect precision
Maybe should find the queen ant
Build an ant habitat
The kids will be thrilled
And mom ecstatic
As ants in their habitat
Means no ants at home
Waging war against these ants
Wiping them with paper towels
Sometimes have a feeling
Of ants crawling on me..
Then I do the ants in your pants dance                .
I wonder – “Do
the ants in your pants dance?”
And for Thursday Thirteen and Alphabe Thursday ‘s letter H: Here are Thirteen weird, funny, or bizarre holidays/just days around the world (and I did try to pick those with the letter H that I found funny):
1.    Starting with today: January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day: so do you have one forgotten houseplant lying forlorn somewhere? Go ahead, give it some love…(I do not have too much luck with houseplants but I do believe I will try again in honor of this day!)
2.    Northern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day is February 20th – what is this, you say? Well, that is what you have to say on Hoodie Hoo day – Hoodie Hoo!
3.    March 26th is Make up your own Holiday Day! So go ahead and think up your very own wonderful holiday.
4.    April 7th is going to be a new favorite day of mine – it is ‘No Housework Day’ – how do we celebrate it? No housework (guilt-free too).
5.  May 6th is going to be loved by kids all over – why? It is ‘No Homework Day’!
6.   The National Hollerin’ Contest Day is sure to be a fun day – it is celebrated on the third Saturday of June. So if you or someone you know loves to holler or just feels like it, head on to Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina in June. And, maybe, you have the holler in you to win!
7.   Another new favorite to be – Hammock Day – July 22nd. We have a hammock – right now, it is lying in our garage safe from the rains. But come spring, we plan to use it well.
8.   August has a healthy holiday in More Herbs, Less Salt day on the 29th. So go ahead, desalt..
9.   September has a bizarre holiday indeed – National Beheading Day – this is on the 2nd of September so hold on to your .. heads that day.
10.  October 6th is Mad Hatter Day. I am going to mark this holiday – and be silly with my little ones – because that is what this day is about – silliness. And in spite of what it is about, why it is on the 6th of October is not silly at all – Mad Hatter’s hat has a paper in front with ‘10/6’ on it –not a date, but the cost of the hat..
11.  Take a Hike on Nov 17th. It is the day for it – ‘Take a Hike Day’.
12.  Humbug Day is Dec 21st. The creators of this day created it to allow people to vent their frustrations. Bah!
13.  And number 13 – what is your favorite holiday?
And quite a few of these holidays here have been
created and copyrighted by wellcat.com.
You can find more such unique holidays at their site.

6 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – Thursday Memes

  1. Nice poem. I have an ant problem at home, they love playing in my shower, and playing in my boys rooms, sometimes they come play in my kitchen. Yes I could relate to your poem and thought it was amusing and entertaining.

  2. I love your poem because it is so true. I am not sure if your post from last Thursday put the prompt in my head but I am thinking it was more likely those ants in my bath. They did seem to disappear a little faster this time with the solution I wrote about and I am thinking that if they come back then I am going to try to Borax mixed with jam this time. I am just worried about if the borax will dissolve into the mixture. But supposedly this is one way to get to the queen of the ant nest. Actually the main way we have been able to keep the ants in check is that my hubby would fog in our attic at least twice a year. Does not seem to help with spiders but we rarely saw ants in the house. He hurt his shoulder and has not been able to get up there and fog for a while now. If you can fog in your attic, I really would recommend that option but the borax and jam would be my next choice.

    Thanks for playing with some ants in your pants (I have had that line in my mind all week.) for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

    God bless.

  3. I just read the wonderful poem and will have rto return to enjoy the rest. The poem is super! From their quizzical apppearance from nowhere, through the purposeful project right through to the ants in your pants. Sweet and fun.

  4. Oh what fun H posts for Alphabe-Thursday!
    My favorite holiday i guess would be Thanksgiving. Or, Halloween that is focused on KIDS and not adults.

  5. I could just give you a hug for this wonderful visit today!

    I liked your poem, although we've been moving and it reminded me of moving a planter yesterday and having crickets running around everywhere. I felt like I had crickets in my pants for the rest of the day!


    Thanks for letting us hang out. And for the smile!


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