Treasure Trove Thursday – Treasured Memes…

For Theme Thursday – Dreams
Have you touched a dream and held it

When you reached that goal, felt so

Have you felt it slip through like a
ray of light?

Oh, there it goes, woken again as
dawn ends the night
One more for Theme Thursday – Dreams – A poem I wrote ages ago, as a teen, I think –
In dreams you live

In castles of futures and the past

For dreams you strive

By dreams you revive

Memories pleasant from the past

Dreams are precious

So hold them tight

Dreams let you reach

The seemingly so high sky

Dreams also sometimes teach

Next steps to take to fly

Dreams are oh so precious

So do hold them tight!
Again, a list of random B words for
Alphabe Thursday’s letter B and Thursday 13
1.         Butterflies,
birds, and bees – winged wonders
2.         Shades
of blue – Love the color..especially, the blue of the sky
3.         The
human brain – definitely amazing
5.         Bangalore
– hometown girl
6.         Brownies,
Biscuits, in short, Baked goods – yum!
7.         Blogging
– of course, this had to come here
8.         Books– and books, if this was an ordered list, books would be right at the top! But this
is a randomly ordered list of random B words
9.         Beaches– living here in the San Francisco Bay Area means we can drive to a beach in
less than an hour from anywhere here – and love these beaches
10.       Bangles and bracelets
– I am not fond of jewelry at all but as a child, I loved wearing glass bangles
just to hear the sound of the jingling bangles and nowadays, I find
myself fascinated by bracelets and buying them, but not really wearing them a
whole lot.
11.       Birbal and Bachchan, Baby
and Blondie  – the first two – famous Indians (past and present), the
second two – comics in the Sunday paper – two of my favorites 🙂
12.       Borborygmus,
boustrophedon, bloviate, bavardage, beblubbered – Check out ‘The
’ for the meanings of these unusual words
13.       Because
– my little ones’ favorite answer to the question “Why….?”
Yes, just this one word. And I have learned from the masters now – my answer to
their Whys or Why nots – you know it now.
Today, over at dVerse, Victoria invites us to mix up senses and explore synesthesia. As I was researching this, found an interesting wikipedia article related to something called the Bouba/kiki effect – made me really amazed at how our brain works – you can read about the Bouba/kiki effect here, My attempts at mixing up my senses – ‘Familyesthesia’ (or ‘Fun Mixed-up Family Sensory Perceptions’)
(Or ‘Fun Mixed-up Family Sensory Perceptions’)
Her bright yellow hop and skip

It brought a smile to my heart

My brain held on with a tighter grip

To this colorful memory of my

His fingers dancing on the keys

Painted a rainbow of delicious feelings

Blue mellows and yellow happys

Sweet pink yearnings tugging at

In his sweet actions for my unknown

I heard the sound of the first

In his silent and invisible words
and deeds

I smelled the sweetness of a joyous
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17 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – Treasured Memes…

  1. heard the sound of the first sun ray…very cool line that…and music, i bet it could make you see painted rainbows…smiles…you did well mixing up the senses…will go check that article out now…rather fascinating…

  2. I smelled the sweetness of a joyous day…nice.. love how you weave the colors in as well….the sound of sun rays…i will try to listen to them after reading this..smiles

  3. I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today and although the start of this comment is Generic to others today I will personalise at the end. I know what its like to not have many visitors so may aim is to say hi to everyone of you .

    I love all your B contributions especially Teen poem

  4. I wish I could remember my dreams so that I could hold them tight. Although when I have daydreams I usually remember them and they are easier to hold tight. You are so right that we need to hold on to our dreams because they are what give us hope that things will always get better. When we think about it, without dreams there would be no inventions and life today would be so much different then what we have today.

    I love how you have saved poems from when you were younger. I wish I had saved so many things from when I was young but anything I wrote would be very special. Lots and lots of B words and I like your last poem too. I have never heard of that type of poem.

    Thanks for sharing your poems of dreams with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have many wonderful dreams this week and you hold them all so tight.

    God bless.

  5. Brilliant list of B words…

    I think my favorite is "because" – I find this to be the best answer to all my grand "Whys?"

    Thanks for linking up for another round!


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