Treasure Trove Thursday – True Survivors

For Theme Thursday (jubilation)
It is a wonderful thing indeed – the treasure of life – every life. Though this is also a truth universally accepted (hopefully), it was made even more so with this incident.
Day One: Monday evening – the kids were playing in the backyard when my son noticed a crow fluttering its wings and cawing a whole lot more than normal – about 40 ft up on a tree in our neighbor’s yard. After watching it for a few minutes, we realized that it was stuck – its looked like its leg was caught somewhere or maybe the wing – it was hanging upside down like a bat or caped hero. It was struggling to get itself free. I checked online for the local Audubon society/wildlife rescue and could not reach anyone. I called a friend who is a veterinarian but she was out of town. So we went to bed and hoped the bird would be able to free himself.

Day Two: Tuesday – We woke up to the caws of the crow.  I called the Wildlife Rescue who gave me  another number who then promised to call the city’s animal shelter for me. The city soon called me and told me they would send a volunteer to look at the bird. The bird was too high to reach- both for the officer who came and for the fire truck that came by later. Unfortunately, we did not know of these efforts (only knew through my neighbors later). It was sad to hear the crow but we marveled at his strength – sounded to us like he was calling for help. Quite a few crows flew back and forth a few times during the day and we wondered why.

Day Three: Wednesday – The bird was still there:( and still struggling. We now wondered if all the crows that had been flying around it had actually been feeding it so it could maintain its strength – and that was an amazing thing if true. I called the city again since no one else had come. They mentioned that I would need to call an arborist and get them to get the bird down. Since I had to get in to work that day, we left(my little ornithologist and bird lover was glad in a way since listening to the bird was depressing him) and once at work, I again tried reaching a couple of people to no luck. When we came home not knowing what to expect,the crow was still doing his best to get himself free though we could see reduced strength in his flutters and caws. I called again but could not reach anyone.
Day Three: Wednesday – The RESCUE: Pretty soon,around 6 pm, we heard signs of activity – someone was climbing the tree. And it was wonderful to watch the whole rescue scene – the crow was agitated, his rescuer calm- he talked to the crow – soothed him and put him in a netted bag to his crewmate waiting below. We peeped over to talk to our neighbors who had managed to get the two of them to help rescue and thanked them all. The crow is definitely a true survivor – 48 hours (that we knew of) stuck upside down – struggling – and he survived. His foot and wing was badly injured and he guzzled down water as soon as he was down from the tree and looked at us with sharp, curious eyes.
It was a moment of jubilation indeed!

The crow is now at a local wildlife center – recovering.

Murder of crows – averted

For Theme Thursday – Jubilation and Haiku Heights – Lunch

Jubilation -mom
Had packed his most favorite
– Nutella on bread!
For Haiku Heights – Lunch
Scraps gathered before
Quieted those grumbles within

Content, happy now.
For Haiku Heights – Lunch
Stuck upside down but
not without meals, family
flew by feeding him.

For Alphabe Thursday – Letter E – and Thursday 13 – my random list of Es

Edelweiss – My kids have been singing this song (was
part of my daughter’s spring recital last month) and of course, I love the song
and the movie (among my favorites) so this popped into my head as I know the
Alphabe letter of the week.
Epcot Center – I loved this Disney park and the first
and only time I visited this place, it was cut short due to weather and other
events, unfortunately. So this park is a will-visit sometime soon.
– She definitely increased my love of reading.
Earth – our home
eyeservice expromission exonym evection euonym estival
epizeuxis eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious eigne em email  – Check out Phrontistery
for the meaning of these words. Some of them will surprise you!
Enigma – Life, the earth, each of us – still an enigma
Euphoria, Excitement, Enchantment, EntertainmentJ
Emblems – Emblems represent so much and seeing a
familiar logo or symbol in a faraway land instantly makes us feel at home.
Check this website
for hidden images in famous logos.
Esperanto – Sounds and looks interesting – maybe I should
learn it.
10.  Words
beginning and ending with E – My favorite set of words to use when I play
word-building with anyone
11.  E-
The most common letter in the alphabet but is third in place when it comes to
words starting with a letter. (T holds first place in that category)
12.  My
family – my DH is most thoughtful and loving, thinks and acts; my son plays
piano and is a budding ornithologist; my darling girl is just darling, naughty,
and smart!
13.  Everything
else 🙂

#12 – what is it about? Look again –no ‘e’ in the sentence. I actually found
a couple of websites that invite members/readers in various such
competitions  – like writing the longest
sentence without an ‘e’. One such website I spent some time on today is here.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursday – True Survivors

  1. That is such a wonderful story about how everyone was trying to rescue the bird and it turning into a successful rescue. I also like the part about how the other birds kept flying by and trying to help by feeding it or whatever they were doing. It really does show how birds have such a since of community which it is an amazing thing to watch them fly in uniform. I always want to stop if I am driving so I can just enjoy the show. It is pretty cool that your son is showing an interest in birds.

    Happy Theme Thursday and I hope your week goes well and thanks again for caring so much for one of God's creatures.

    God bless.

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