V is for Vicco (Turmeric Skin Cream)

My son’s first pimple – I asked him to put a dot of Vicco on
it; my daughter has a cut – Vicco is the answer; I burned my skin while cooking
– once again, yes, you guessed it, Vicco saved the day! And yes, the letter V is for Vicco – more specifically Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream
This is an Ayurvedic skin cream comprised of turmeric (duh!) and sandalwood oil, that just, simply put, fits perfectly into my theme for the AtoZChallenge – which is – Favorite Childhood Memories, be it games or books or food or movies or
just random somethings – with one additional twist – these are memories I
would like to build for the future as well – with my kids
! In this case, this is not just a memory from childhood, but an everyday routine for me since childhood and maybe for my kids too as they grow older.
I have been using this cream for, ummm, it seems like forever – definitely longer than I can remember. I have to ask my mom about it (she uses this cream as well, now and from forever too!). And this has been my only make-up routine (with some moisturizer on dry winter days) for my face for years – since I was a, I should say, little girl! Yes, it has been around from a long time – my grandmom used it too from what I recall when I was in college (but not sure if she still uses it now though – need to check with her the next time I visit:)). Far as I can say, my skin has been problem-free (mostly) and in addition to being the one that brightens my day (literally, with just a look in the mirror!), it is my go-to solution for cuts, burns, scrapes, pimples, and just about anything.. Now my kids know that as well, and they use it automatically 🙂 Below is the tubes of the cream at home currently 🙂 another thing I bring back with me during my visits to India

With the benefits of turmeric being touted a lot more currently, I think I am hearing more about this from others who have never used/heard of this product now than before. You can find it in many Indian stores even in the US and is also available on Amazon.

Q to the reader: Have you heard of or used this product? What is your go-to product for skin-care?

Signing off on Day 26 and the letter V as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge
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