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Ways to Welcome Wit and Wisdom to the World

There are so many ways we can welcome wit and wisdom to our world. And if you believe in the truth of Socrates’ wise words (Wisdom begins in wonder), then when we welcome wonder, wisdom will follow in its footsteps! So today, I touch upon this aspect of welcoming wonder (and thereby wisdom) along with various other things, as always.

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Words of Wit and Wisdom

Books are always a source of both wit and wisdom. We always learn something from books, and when we close that last page, we are left with either a sense of wonder, of something witty and wise, of something that warms our heart, or well, always somewhere better than we were before.

Water Sings Blue

Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems by Kate Coombs with illustrations by Meilo So (Poetry for Children | 4 – 8 years, and up)

Description: Come down to the shore with this rich and vivid celebration of the ocean! 

What I Think: Waves of water weave magic!

Welcome to the Wonder House

Welcome to the Wonder House  by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Georgia Heard with illustrations by Deborah Freedman (Poetry | 7 – 10 years, and up)

Description: This collection of poems, creatively presented in the format of an allegorical house, will engage anyone who has ever wondered “why?” as it shows young readers that wonder is everywhere—in yourself and in the world around you.

What I Think: Whimsical and wondrous!

Wise Wit Within? I Wonder…

First up,

W Websites Sure to Help Welcome Wonder and Wit and Wisdom too!

A quick list of ‘w’ websites I wander to often…

  • Whyville: A place for kids to play games, learn, and more
  • Wisegeek: Like the About page says, the wisegeek provides clear answers to common questions, and beyond as well.
  • Wolfram: A really cool way to get answers. Check it out for yourself.
  • Wondercade: This is a ‘Circus of the Senses’ presented by Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Wonderopolis: A place where “Each day, we pose an intriguing question—the Wonder of the Day®—and explore it in a variety of ways.”
  • Wordhippo: For when I am at a loss for words…(or specifically, more words instead of the same old)
  • Wordle. While many know of this, I just wanted to add it here, because it definitely makes me wonder, a lot, about the word of the day on wordle!
  • Worldcat: A catalog of library materials, books, music, movies, reference, and more, from around the world. I have found this useful so very often.

Of course, there is also the familiar to many like the Wall Street Journal,, Wikipedia, and WebMD.

Something Wise, Something Witty?

NaPoWriMo’s Day 26 prompt is to write a poem that involves alliterationconsonance, and assonance.

Waltzing with Wonder and Wit
What? You want wise words, you say?
Well, wisdom wallows in wonder, I heard.
With wit weaved in into that wondrous web.
In each inquiry, answers unfurl
Like stars slyly twinkling in the twilight.
Squiring seekers through tangled trails,
Leading learners to luminary lanes,
Where wonder whispers in whimsical waves,
Which wit, in peals of pleasure, paves.
~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

AI generated for this poem

Wondrous Whatchamacallits and Warbles

The W name I have is Waheeda meaning unique, peerless.

Waada raha sanam from Khiladi

Wo chand khila, wo taare hanse from Anadi

And Now, the End of this Post of Wonder

Dear reader, do let me know if you have read any of the books listed today? Which book would you pick first? Will you attempt a poem today? What about the songs? Did you have a listen? Do share any book recommendations, poetry you loved or wrote, and of course, all and any thoughts on this post.

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4 thoughts on “Ways to Welcome Wit and Wisdom to the World

  1. I liked your unique take for A2Z ‘W’ Can be this wonderful, I never thought. I like khiladi song. Other one I don’t remember. I liked you poem on waltzing on wonder and wit until you land on wisdom. Beautiful.

  2. In each inquiry, answers unfurl
    Like stars slyly twinkling in the twilight.
    Squiring seekers through tangled trails,
    Leading learners to luminary lanes…

    I loooooooooove these lines…So good and true…Thanks a lot for sharing.

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