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weaving words under a blue moon

weaving a poem

last night,
i wove words
that got tangled up,
unraveling knots
takes forever though.
who knew?
please pardon the mess
i say to my muse
let me clean up some
so you relax a while
help me weave these words
back into
a poem

-Vidya/LadyInRead (for dVerse/Quadrille/Poem)

And I still am in the process of weaving words together for the ghazal, the moonlight definitely helps set the mood for that.


She was glorious
Even when eclipsed she shone –
Beautiful always


February is National Haiku Month, so here is my first one for this month 🙂

Regarding the photo – I did not wake up early enough on the day of the trifecta; in fact, it was one of the first days this year that I slept soundly for about 5 hours at a stretch. And when I did wake up to lock the door up after my husband heading out on a trip, I realized that the lunar eclipse was still on for our part of the world. So I rushed out to the road. People were already heading out to work in their cars, and here I was at 6.45 am, on our otherwise quiet road, in my pjs with my camera looking for the best photo spot 🙂 The moon never fails to wow me, no matter how she is, and it was the same yesterday morning too. Here is one of those captured images.


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