What Can We Do When Words Fail Us

Words are not enough for times like these, or rather, it seems like that as thoughts and tears swamp my mind and soul. Another week or so, and school would have been out; the kids would all have been at home or on vacation elsewhere. It is simply tragic.

Like I read across the media today in various posts, I noticed more parents dropping off their kids even at my kid’s high school. The cars stayed a tad longer at the curb before the students got out from them to head to their classes, and everyone waited. We are all holding on to our kids just for a few more moments, so we all waited in line today as we dropped our treasures off.

So, when words fail us, let us act. Let us work towards anything we can do to try to ensure this doesn’t happen again. And while we do that, let us hold on to our loved ones tighter, hug them longer, and simply be together.

When words fail us, let us use those words that matter and that we don’t say often enough.

5 thoughts on “What Can We Do When Words Fail Us

  1. I just don’t understand why this keeps happening. Nothing is better. When is it going to get better??? I thought for sure after Sandy Hook but nope. It’s beyond devastating.

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