What the Fox Says is X-tremely Fun Indeed

X is a challenge, and I ended up picking a book that featured the letter X elsewhere rather than start with it with the book ‘What Does the Fox Say?’. Note this post contains affiliate links and any clicks and buys through them will support my blog (thank you!).


A TV show – a song to promote it via a video – a video that went viral – a book. This is the story of the origin of this book. While the idea of the book was in place way before the video went viral, this just happened to be the timeline, and the video was definitely an unexpected hit. A totally goofy video that I heard of because of my kids, and one that did not make sense to me immediately, the video is from the Norwegian comedic duo Ylvis made up of brothers Bard and Vegard. This video currently has almost 760 million views.

The book itself made its appearance first in Norway as “Hva sier reven?” one month before the English edition was published on Dec 10, 2013 by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers. The book is fun to read and will appeal to the young, and definitely make them curious about what the fox says(and other animals too!). The vibrant, unique illustrations by Svein Nyhus make a brilliant accompaniment to the wacky wordings.

What parents can do:

Read this book aloud to and with kids! Reading out the sounds animals make, and all those really rib-tickling sounds (ring-ding-ding-ding…..!) the fox makes along the book, is sure to leave everyone lol-ing.

Explore the sounds animals make, and also make kids curious about the animal world in general.

Put up a show or make a video like the one that started it all…..:)

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This post goes towards  ABC Wednesdays round 22 – letter X (my theme for ABC Wednesday’s Round 22 is children’s books – I will pick one popular (and sometimes the not so popular/the unknown) book – classic/modern/old/new… – and write about it – be it a backstory or facts or something else completely

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