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Word of the Day to Keep Weariness Away

Learning helps keep boredom away; and I am hoping to continue learning and with a focus on using those acquired new words this year. With that in mind, here is a book I recently read and enjoyed. It is sure to help readers (young and old) both in learning about words and accumulating more words to their vocabulary.

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Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day

Book Info

Title:  Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
Contributors (Text): Patrick Kelly, Rene Kelly, and Sue Macy
Contributors (Art): Josy Bloggs, Emily Cox, James Gibbs, and Liz Kay
Publishers: Merriam-Webster Kids (Nov 2021)
Genre: Children’s Reference Books (8 – 12 years, and up)
Source: e-RC from NetGalley


Inspired by Merriam-Webster’s popular Word of the Day digital feature, this book builds knowledge one day at a time with 366 masterful words, ages 8-12. Become a word virtuoso in just one year with 366 crackerjack words aimed to impress. This charmingly illustrated book features boffo words selected by the masterminds at Merriam-Webster to highlight the English language and its odd and unexpected history.

My Thoughts

First Thoughts

Is it possible to run out of words to describe a book that is all about words? I almost feel like it could be so. This book, while written for younger readers, is sure to delight anyone who peruses it, or deep-dives into it.

The Deep-Dive

While each day of the year features a word, I love that it is not for any specific year making it a forever-book-of-words! The words themselves include a pronunciation guide, the meaning (of course), fun trivia, and usage. Most pages include a single word while a few include words-of-a-feather (so to say): like fruit words you are asked to “take a big bite out of”, weather words, and more.

I love how the fun facts, little stories, the themed words, as well as the vibrant imaginative illustrations make the learning, more everything! In addition, we can actually use these words.

The Lagniappe

The book proves it at the end of each month with a ‘Story of the Month,’ which uses all the words of that month in a fun story. Readers can chose to listen to the story by scanning the included QR code (I did, and I relished the read, or loved the listen!)

If the Story of the Month was not enough of a bonus, there is an extensive (though not exhaustive, per the included note) sources list at the end of the book. Curious readers of all ages will find more to explore and discover through those resources.

Note that the word ‘lagniappe’ which means bonus, is not one of the words in the book. However, the book has has some of my favorite words like serendipity, flibbertigibbet, defenestration, and blustery, to name some (much to my delight). Egad, this book is indubitably a harbinger of more cool things to come in the wor(l)d!

My last-but-one sentence before the summary: the book’s penultimate word is, ——-‘penultimate!’

Clever, isn’t it?!

In Summary

Whether you are a epistemophile, a philomath, a logophile, a wonk, or one of many other words that apply to someone who loves words, reading, or learning, this book is for you; and of course, for everyone, because learning new words is a joyous and wonderful thing after all!

Activities With the Book

  • Use the words to play family word trivia
  • Play Anagrams with the words
  • Write a story with the months of each word, just like the book does
  • Add a challenge to the story writing; use all the words in the book, pick words from random pages, have someone pick a few words
  • Give the writing a twist; write a poem instead, or maybe a non-fiction piece using a few words, make it a non-fiction or fictional piece about one of the words (using the others)

Get It Here

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Wonderful Words of the Day

For Wondrous Words Wednesday, from today’s featured book:

  • fussbudget (n) – someone who complains about the little things. While I knew this word, I never seem to remember or use it, and I do know a few; sometimes, I am one!
  • turophile (n) – an expert on cheese (not me!)
  • holluschick (n) – a young male fur seal
  • pareidolia (n) –  the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern
  • noodge (v) – to pester, or nag. This is definitely a new favorite word, one I will use soon enough!

Last week’s words for WWW are here.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered, or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative! It was first created by Kathy over at Bermuda Onion and is now hosted at Elza Reads.

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, are you a logophile? A “wordie”? A philologic or logomaniac maybe? Whatever the degree of your love for words, I am sure you have a favorite word that you enjoy using in writing or speech. Share it with us here. Or what is the newest word you learned? Have you ever made up a word (and regularly used it in conversations with others)? I would love to hear from you. As always, all and any thoughts on this post are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Word of the Day to Keep Weariness Away

  1. Vidya, thanks for a cool post about a book I never heard of previously! And thanks for the new words you mentioned. I had no idea that flibbertigibbet was promoted to a “real word”! My mother used that, long ago. But I had never seen or heard “lagniappe” in any context before, so yay! Like you, I love to learn.

  2. I hadn’t seen this book before, but I will pick up a copy to use in our Homeschool Reading/ Spelling Class as it will allow Charlie to learn and spell a new word and I’m sure as he is learning my husband and I will as well.

  3. This was a brilliant post and I love the Merriam Webster Dictionary. I mostly use it for my WWW inspiration. I knew they had a book of the day, but I didn’t know they actually had it printed in a book. That is SOOOO cool!! I love new words and seeing that English is my second language, there’s an abundance to discover.

    Thank you so much for joining in WWW! I appreciate it so much. You are most welcome to use any of my graphics should you want to!

    Hope to see you again on the 2nd of Feb!

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