World of Words Wednesday – Memes..

For ABC Wednesday ‘s letter of the week, T, I continue my theme of women writers with these two authors:

Jayne Taylor – She goes by many names –Jayne Ann Krentz,
Amanda Quick among others – and I have read books she wrote under almost all
her pen names – and enjoyed them as well. She is another romance writer whose
name sells her books.
Toni Morrison – an author whom I always wanted to read (I
picked her as I did not find enough authors whom I have either read and liked
or whom I have wanted to read with their last names beginning with T) 
For Haiku Heights – change 
a little or more
from here or from elsewhere
change is always good.

enjoy this moment
my child, for the next instance
will bring something else
For 3WW-Badge,darken,liability
her badge of good honor
was darkened forever
she did not realize

she did not realize
not at all – what a liability it was
when she agreed to look after the little lass
  1. posited  -put something forward: to put forward for consideration something such as a suggestion, assumption, or fact; position something: to place something firmly in position;something put forward: a suggestion, assumption, or fact put forward for consideration
  2. druthers – somebody’s preference: somebody’s own free choice or preference
And a giveaway announcement – look forward to a new giveaway on my blog tomorrow – an uncommon one!

11 thoughts on “World of Words Wednesday – Memes..

  1. bummer about her badge of honor was forever stained. But…..she can always try to be like the child in the previous haiku and enjoy her moments. All of us should do that, right?!

    Very very wise and deep words in these.

    thanks for visiting my blog last week!

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