Would you rather…..Theme Reveal….Back to The Future..

This past week was spent building a lifetime of memories at a science camp for my DD’s fifth-grade class (on second thoughts, I think we do that everyday, every minute, don’t we – building memories, I mean?). At the end of the almost four-day trip, our feet had memorized a couple of the hike trails and that particular section of 107 (or 106 or 108) steps that we chaperones with older legs looked on trepidation at first and then, well, still, with trepidation at the end.. Our hearts and throats yelled out jubilant Yaayyyys every time we made it to the top of that section of the hike. But having said that, I need to reiterate that this was a wonderful treasure-trove of memories we built in addition to the learning we had alongside the kids.
Here is a collage of photos from the trip. From chickens to rock-climbing, from discovering edible plants (Redwood Sorrel, anyone?) to night-hikes and solo-walks, this trip covered everything..

Now, coming to why I started talking about this trip. During each hike, the naturalist (outdoor-educationist) who lead our troop of eager kids and their plodding chaperones, asked a ‘would you rather’ question. One of them was ‘Would you rather, given a chance, visit the past or the future?’ What about you? Let me know in the comments. As for me, I think I would visit the future… the past, I feel I can visit, and revisit in memories, and I do not think I want to change it in anyway. One of the kids (all of 10 years old) mentioned she would visit the past so she can correct the mistakes she has made!!

And this question also helped me in coming up with a theme for my AtoZChallenge theme – Favorite Childhood Memories, be it games or books or food or movies or just random somethings – with one additional twist – these are memories I would like to build in the future as well – with my kids, if possible!

And why does the title include ‘back to the future’ ?? well, the theme reveal was set for March 20; and I decided to participate in this challenge in the relative future for that date 🙂 Today, April 1st….I will also be posting towards the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. As you can see with my past posts, the UBC was what got me posting often and regularly in January while February saw sporadic posts and March was a drought month for posts (unlike for California, thankfully!)

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