X is for Xanadu, and something Xtra

X definitely is one that almost stumped me.. and I decided to cheat just a little… 🙂 a little repetition is what makes up X – so
X is for Xanadu – in this case, it stands for Mandrake the magician‘s high-tech mansion somewhere in New York state!! (and why is it a repetition – Mandrake is featured in Indrajal Comics which is how I got to know and love him!);

Image attribution: http://dara-indrajal.blogspot.com

and the something Xtra – well, a visit to another letter you have not visited – maybe a random one, and the links are below:
W is for……..Word Games….
V is for Vicco (Turmeric Skin Cream)
U is for Upanayanam, for Urga where you can have a glimpse at a family event which is a treasured memory now,
T is for the Taj Mahal  – awe-inspiring…
and the rest too: (every line has a link to it’s post)
Theme_1 – my A to Z theme..
Singing songs for for Antakshari for my A post, 
I took a barfi break at Bangalore at B, 
while there, I stopped by with C  for card games and carrom
and then off to D for Delhi, and for desserts back south to Dharwad city,
needed more for my sweet tooth and the Eclairs did help,
while the Five Star completely satisfied it, 
and if you need more dessert, then get some Gadbad, and stop by for a grand Golu,
then catch up with me on my reading with my Day9 post
or play a while – play some Housie,
I will bring you back to X with a post on Indrajal
which you can read with some fruit or dessert at J for Jamun
and burn those calories consumed with all those desserts – play some Kho-Kho or
play some Lagori 
and if you need some energy, have some mmmmMango,
then it was Day16 
and time to write on paper – then you can use some Natraj pencils
O will hopefully have you humming old tunes….
all that singing may make you hungry for some Parle-G biscuits 
while Q will take you quizzing
and then off to R for some refreshing Roohafza after taxing the brain at Q
S provides some laughs with silly Suppandi, and ready to play some games too
while Day23 means catch up with reading challenges
and T took me to … well, you know that already, the Taj!!

Q to the reader:

Signing off on Day 28 and the letter X as I continue on the #AtoZChallenge  and #UltimateBloggingChallenge
My #AtoZ2017Posts and #UBCPosts: 

My #AtoZ2017Posts and #UBCPosts: 
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    1. Roy, that is right, i did love algebra (but …the unknown was too far away from my thoughts and my brain refused to veer in any direction at all – it was, plain stuck…..)!! well, will save this for idea for another time 🙂

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