Yummy Tummy Tuesday – Healthy, Savory Pancakes – Hearty, Savior Lunches

A quick and easy recipe for those days when it seems like I do not know what to make for the kids lunches! This was the result of exactly that feeling – I had absolutely no idea what to pack for the kids’ lunches and in a jiffy as well since I had to drop their lunches off and rush to work – my fridge kind of looked like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard – bare – no bread so no PB&J solution, no lavash bread or similar which meant no wraps or cheese quesedillas and such, and I had just about bored them with pancakes and stuffed parathas so I could not pack those again that day – but this last thought reminded me that I had some of the stuffing I had made for the stuffed parathas leftover and an idea struck me out of nowhere – literally – why not make savory pancakes.
And if you do not have any handy leftover stuffing, do not worry, this will not take too long. Just take a cup of mixed vegetables, steam/cook them and with one turn in the food processor for these veggies along with salt to taste, and some spices (chili powder, coriander powder and/or chaat masala), you have the leftover stuffing ready to use:). The vegetables I used were a handful of beans, one russet potato and one carrot – peeled, cooked till soft/tender and as you can see, coarsely pureed together along with spices of your choice.

What you need:
One cup of pancake mix – I used my favorite – Trader Joes Multigrain Pancake and Baking Mix
1/2 cup of yogurt (plain yogurt) (you could replace with vegan yogurt) – yogurt adds to the flavor of this savory pancake.
1/2 cup of the vegetable mix (short description of how to make them is right above and a photo of what I used)
A little water to make this mix pourable

Mix all the ingredients together and pour some batter onto a heated griddle.
Put a tsp of oil around. Cook for couple of minutes. Turn it around and cook for some more time.
Serve by itself or with any sauce as desired – tomato ketchup was a favorite for us with this instant dish.
And the veggies are so well hidden that the kids will devour it before they know they have eaten their vegetable servings. (You can change the proportions as you wish).
I made these last week and since the atmosphere was that of Valentine’s Day, I used a cookie cutter to cut these into heart shapes for their lunches.

I have solved the case of the missing blogger! I was missing these past few days from my blog 🙂 and I finally found myself and brought the blogger me back here.

I loved mystery series as a kid and enjoyed reading as far back as I can remember. So when I had to pick top ten characters from any genre, I picked children’s literature – this is something I have obviously, the longest relationship with, I still read children’s books a lot and the last few picks (7 through 11) are books I read as an adult..

The topic for this week’s Top Ten over at The Broke and the Bookish  is the Top Ten favorite characters from any genre of our choice and I picked Children’s/YA genre: The top ten characters from children’s literature (in the order that I read them/closest as far as I can remember)
1.    Black Beauty from Black Beauty
2.    Jo from Little Women
3.    Katy from What Katy Did
4.    George (Georgina) – from Famous Five series
5.    Suok from the Three Fat Men
6.    Anne Frank
7.    Ron from Harry Potter
8.    Haroun from Haroun and the Sea of Stories
9.    Pi Patel from The Life of Pi
10.  Liesel from The Book Thief
11.  Flip from the book ‘Zeb and the Great Ruckus
Even with 11 picks, I have a few more characters that I did not yet include – from The Mysterious Benedict Society, The Lightning Thief, and more!

For Teaser Tuesdays over at Should Be Reading–  from
Gone Fishing’  by Tamera Will Wissinger – I started reading this last week and this is proving to be a delightful read. This is my second novel in verse, and it is definitely different from the first book in many ways and yet the wonders of verse still astound me in the exact same way (like they did when I recently read ‘Love and Leftovers‘).
List Poem
Fishing poles,
My tackle box,
Extra pairs of shoes
and socks,
Our sweatshirts and
The camera bag,
The fishing net,
The boating flag,’

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  1. Great TTT list! Ron from HP is so funny, and what bookish person doesn't like Jo from Little Women? 😀 It always freaks me out to see my name (from the Book Thief). It's spelled the same and everything! 😀 Thanks for stopping by my list. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love your TTT topic!! I love all the characters in my fav books from childhood… they almost seem like family to me! Jo would proabably be on my list too, as well as Matilda and Brian from Hatchet.
    Thanks for stopping by My TTT 🙂

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