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The topic for this week’s Top Ten over at The Broke and the Bookish is Bookish Memories:

  1. Going to the book exhibitions set up by Navakarnataka Publications every year as a child in our remote town (was glad that the exhibitors remembered our town!) – this was where I discovered Russian authors and books – Vasilisa the Beautiful and the brave or the foolish or the clever Ivan, and of course, Baba Yaga; Maxim Gorky’s Mother; The Three Fat Men; and many more.
  2. Entering Higginbothams book store in Madras (now Chennai) for the very first time – I am not sure how old I was but I do know I was very very young!
  3. Understanding I can check out more than one book from the local library back home (unlike in our school library where we were restricted to only one book at a time) – the joy of that knowledge was thrilling
  4. Starting a lending library during the summer in an effort to be an entrepreneur after reading books which had kids doing such things with my very own library of books. I realized soon enough I did not have a single business bone in my body when I soon decided that I did not want people to pay any money (which was a measly 5 to 20 paise depending on the book borrowed) for the books they rented from my library, I just wanted them to return it back (and after a few precious books lost, I closed shop!)
  5. Finding the closest library in every town I went to as a child in India – even if it was for a short visit during the holidays – and borrowing books from there after promptly becoming a member. And this memory was made even more dear – Walking to and from the library (in Bangalore as well as in towns where my maternal grandparents stayed) with my grandpa and sometimes my grandmom as well as mom.
  6.  Entering my favorite bookstores back in Bangalore, India each time I return (The top three are Nagasri Book House in 4th block complex in Jayanagar, Sapna Books, and then there is one store in Gandhi Bazaar in the basement level whose name I cannot recall now)
  7. Discussing reading, writing, and books with my granddads (both of whom placed high emphasis and values on reading and writing) as well as my English prof uncle (even now!)
  8. Discovering the joy of public libraries here in the US – my DH always wonders how I am going to read all the books I bring home – but what can I do – my eyes are bigger than the time limit that I can keep the books home as well as the time I have to read them
  9. Writing my very first book review on my blog (and very one thereafter)
  10. Watching the movie for the first Harry Potter book – I won the tickets for a preview show and was thrilled. The theater was all decked up and I was one of the few adults there who had actually read the books and was amazed as I walked through Diagon Alley and was totally thrilled at receiving a red pouch of jelly beans with a label that said – yes – Bertie Bott’s Beans!

For Teaser Tuesdays over at Should Be Reading , from ‘The Traveling Restaurant’ by Barbara Else:

‘Lady Helen tugged his collar straight. “Oh, darling,” she said, as mothers do.  It’s never much of a reply’ 
(pg 19 of digital ARC)

And now, the review and giveaway today: 

One lucky US reader will win a hardcover copy of this delicious book.

Chloe’s Vegan Desserts
More than 100 Exciting New Recipes for Cookies and Pies, Tarts and Cobblers, Cupcakes and Cakes–and More!
By Chloe Coscarelli

This edition: Trade Paperback, 272 pages
Availability: Ships on or around February 19, 2013

I love desserts and I love the Food Network show ‘Cupcake Wars’ –actually, it is a family favorite and we watch the wars with passion – we love trying to figure out who will win, and of course drool over the creations that the contestants come up with. So this book was something I naturally gravitated to. And I love it 🙂
All the recipes I have tried so far have all been hits with family and friends. Taste is not sacrificed at all in these easy to make vegan recipes – these vegan recipes are definitely not ones you will say bleh to but will be licking the plate, the spoon – you get it. Chloe’s notes, tips, and short but humorous description for each recipe are a wonderful addition to the recipes in the book.

The book includes sections as below:
•              ‘Dessert for Breakfast’ (my kids scream YES!),
•              ‘Cookies and Bars’(can we have them for snacks please?),
•              ‘Pies, Tarts, and Cobblers’ (mom, you have not made these before, can you now?)
•              ‘Cakes and Cupcakes’(for my bday, please),
•              ‘Spoon Desserts’ (has some of my favorites like crème brulee)
•              ‘Drink Up’ (desserts to drink of course),
•              One section covering the ‘Basics’ (syrups, pie crusts and more such)
•              And an introductory section on pantry staples and tips for allergen free baking. (very useful and informative)

The recipes I have tried and loved are many and I have listed one favorite from each section below:

•              ‘Dessert for Breakfast’ – Oatmeal Brulee with Caramelized Bananas
•              ‘Cookies and Bars’ – Blondies
•              ‘Pies, Tarts, and Cobblers’  – to try out
•              ‘Cakes and Cupcakes’ – Bollywood Cupcakes
•              ‘Spoon Desserts’ – Coconut Sorbet with Cashew Brittle
•              ‘Drink Up’ – It’s a Date Shake

Easy to follow detailed steps and delicious ingredients as well as yummy photographs that tempt you as you look make this book a great to have in your kitchen book. I do so want to share the love so here is a giveaway for my readers. One lucky US reader will win a copy of this book. So if you want to try for a chance to add this to your collection, you can try by entering the giveaway in the rafflecopter below.

All in all – a great book for desserts for any dessert lover and definitely one that will be very helpful for vegans and people with allergies. Thank you Chloe for a totally delish, totally delightful book.
And if you want more vegan yumminess, Chloe has you covered – there are more books you can check out here.

Rating: A totally awesome yummy A

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the digital review copy of this book – this is my honest review of the book. And thank you to Atria/Simon and Schuster for offering a copy of the book for giveaway. 

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33 thoughts on “Yummy Tummy Tuesdays – Delish Review and Giveaway..

  1. My daughter is interested in becoming Vegan, so she would love this book. I'm sort of glad she's off on her own, though; I don't like cooking enough to have to figure out ways around dairy and eggs!

  2. I am like you and enjoy public libraries. Rarely had the chance as a child and my parents did not read for pleasure. When I became a parent I reveled in the opportunity to spend long summer days with my child at the summer reading program and discovered all the books I had not seen growing up! The vegan book looks great- I often make my own recipes vegan, but always vegetarian.

  3. Oh, I don't think I could pick ONE favorite dessert – dessert is one of my favorite things. But I can tell you my favorite dessert by Chloe from her last book – the banana cupcakes! All of my friends love them, too.

    (My URL is really my email, just change the word "AT" to the symbol.)

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