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10+ Free Reading Resources

Free reading resources! 20 websites for parents! While I am sure you have seen many such lists, I decided to compile a few as well for you – the ones I (or my kids) have used or tried out before adding them here. Most of them are fully free, while a few have free access for a while, and I do believe they are worth the effort.

Free Reading Resources

Time for Kids

The kids have used Times for Kids for so many years now, through school, of course. I enjoyed reading the articles they brought home, and loved the activities they did. Now, TFK Digital Library is available and free for use for the rest of the school year!! (Grades K – 8)

Young Minds Inspired

Young Minds Inspired certainly inspires me to work on the many projects. It has lesson plans for all age groups – from preschool through college; and for all areas of learning – language arts, STEM, Social Studies, and more! I know I am going to use it a lot for both my kids, and me, now that I have discovered it via my search for reading resources!


Developed by Google’s experimental product workshop called Area 120, Rivet’s mission (as stated on their About page) “is to solve some of the primary obstacles to good reading practice – access to books, access to high quality feedback, and most importantly, enthusiasm for reading.” Check out their website here.

PBS Learning Media

,Many of you have most likely listened to or watched and loved PBS shows. And the PBS Learning Media website offers tons of resources for reading and learning, along with specially curated videos.


Crayola has fun crafts, yes, and lots of lesson plans as well, for language arts, reading and many other activities.


Epic is a cool digital library that is offering free options for parents (for 30 days) and teachers (for remote student access till June 30th). 1000s of books to read is a cool thing indeed!

Magic Tree House Home Adventures

Random House Children’s Books, together with Mary Pope Osborne, has launched Magic Tree House Home Adventures. Lots of fun stuff for families to do and share on social media.


I explored BrainPOP as well after finding out about it recently, and I love the lesson plans here as well. Fun, interactive, and educational!

Every Child a Reader

And last but not the least, the Every Child a Reader website includes a ton of resources and links to many other websites related to books and reading at this link – At Home Resources.

Harper Collins

I also discovered another fascinating slew of learning and reading resources over at the Harper Collins website. The link is here.

And …

In addition to these resources listed above, there are so many more. I listed some of my old favorites on this post previously, including:

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10+ Free Reading Resources

Children’s Book Week Posters

And I truly love the many posters for Children’s Book Week. You can find many of them on this Pinterest Board below along with a few other pins.Have a look and let me know what you think! I bet you will say ‘they are amazing!’

19 thoughts on “10+ Free Reading Resources

  1. What a great list of resources! I’m always looking for ideas to stimulate Lia’s brain even more and she loves learning These sites will keep us busy!

  2. Thanks for this list of resources. I will definitely check these out. It is exactly what I am looking for and it will keep my stepson busy.

  3. These are great resources. My daughter has been using Epic for school. It seems to be working well and some books have audio options for reading out loud.

  4. Thank you for making a list! I have been overwhelmed with the amount of websites out there and can’t keep track of them.

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