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10+ Great Nonfiction Children’s Book Series to Read

This week’s theme for Top Ten Tuesday over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is book series I’d like to either start, catch up on, or finish (regardless of the status of the series itself). I realize I have done quite a few posts on book series, and specifically children’s book series. But this is Children’s Book Week here, so I will do just one more of these series posts, and list great children’s book series I hadn’t previously. But today’s list will feature great nonfiction children’s book series continuing on both the children’s book week and nonfiction November theme I started yesterday!

I do need to catch up on reading on many series in one way or the other; some that I have discovered recently and am keen to start reading, others I haven’t read in a while and either just want to read again (also pretty sure there are a few in these series I am yet to read), and some that have been waiting forever for me to finish them! For today’s nonfiction series however, I have read at least one of the books in the series (often most of them so far) and need to catch up on the ones I have missed (or simply want to reread).

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So here are

10+ Great Nonfiction Children’s Book Series

10+ Great Nonfiction Children's Book Series to Read
  1. City Monsters Book series – at least a dozen of them (3 – 6 years)
  2. Tiny Travelers12 books in total (4 – 8 years)
  3. History Smashers – 7 books (8 – 13 years, and up)
  4. Rebel Girls series (5 books in the Good Night stories series + 9 books in the Rebel Girls Mini series + a few more) (various, from board books to teen reads, and up)
  5. Kid Legends – 8 books. (8 – 12 years, and up)
  6. Little People BIG DREAMS -110 books!! (3 – 7 years, and up)
  7. Big Ideas for Little Philosophers – 6 books. (Baby – 3 years, and up too!)
  8. Celebrate the World – 4 books. (2 – 4 years, and up)
  9. The Questioneers – 6 books. (5 – 8 years, and up)
  10. The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers – 43 books! (6 – 9 years, and up)
  11. Nature All Around – 4 books (7 – 10 years, and up)
  12. CitizenKid – 22 books (various age ranges, starting from 5 through 13 years, and up)
  13. The 50 States series – 10 books. (various age ranges, starting from 4 through 12 years, and up)

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, are you familiar with any of these series? I am sure you must have heard of or read the most popular ones there at some point. As always, I would love to know which ones appeal to you the most, and your thoughts on the book series you have read as well as your recommendations for similar series.

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