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Grow Grit Series: Children’s Books Reviews

An ‘You Can Do It’ attitude is important for kids and adults; teaching how to do it is a critical part of coaching. Grow Grit Right with these books!

As parents, we are always looking for ideas to help our kids improve in myriad ways – in my case, I have ended up often times focusing on the two Cs – communication, and confidence along with helping them increase their mindfulness and focus to do better in whatever they are doing. Today’s featured book provide tips on so many of these concepts and do it in a fun way.

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The Book Itself

Mental Toughness for Kids - Grow Grit Right

How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids (Grow Grit Series Book 1)
Written by Kobe Nhin and Mary Nhin
Illustrated by Milena Salieri

Source: Thanks to the author..

Our Thoughts

I read the book along with my kids (who are 16 and 13 yo). Here are our thoughts on the book. 

What we liked about the books

  • It is really inspiring to note that the book is written by a kid who learned the lessons and tips mentioned in the book and decided to share them through this book.
  • The tips to help build focus, attention and self-confidence will definitely be useful to all who read the book.
  • The illustrations by Milena Salieri are simply adorable and beautiful!
  • And there are more books in the series to help provide mental strength and build confidence in kids (and adults!)
  • My kids felt it was funny, a little silly, and inspiring but not sure if they would re-read. 
  • Loved the addition of the Mental Toughness Growth Plan worksheet included at the end.

What I think can be made better

  • The book is written in easy to understand, spoken language – a tad too much so. This book could have used a few more words than it has, even for its target audience.
  • Some of the references that made my kids go ‘what?” could have been made less weird in the book with an included glossary at the end or at the bottom of the page where it appears to explain what those references mean. In particular – “Pick a butt”
  • The way the text was arranged, I was almost expecting rhyming words or some other rhythmic flow to the text, but when that did not happen, it was, well, unexpected, but it still conveyed the message across easily

In Summary

A book to add to school libraries or to add to libraries of PE teachers/sports coaches and such who can use the help to help boost the confidences of kids competing in sports (and elsewhere as well).

You can buy the book for yourself on Amazon so you can Grow Grit Right!

Note: Thank you to Mary Nhin for sending me an ecopy of the book for my honest review and kudos to both Kobe and Mary Nhin on this and other books in the series.

And a Bonus MiniReview

My Thoughts on The Next One in this Series

Grow Grit Right

How to Win the World Cup in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids (Grow Grit Series Book 1)
Written by Kobe Nhin and Mary Nhin
Illustrated by Milena Salieri

Source: My personal copy

When I saw the next book in the series was out, I had to get it for myself and check it out. The title and the charming little girl on the cover won me over this time.

Like its predecessor, this book offers 5 Tips for – this time – winning the World Cup in our pajamas! It teaches us we need lots of grit, a little bit of the familiar in routines, visualizing what we need to do next, our personal mantras, and being positive in every way to win.

It follows in the steps of the first book with simply adorable illustrations (thanks to Melina Salieri once again) and a little girl teaches us the lessons this time. She is accompanied sometimes by the little boy from book one and that makes for a continuity in addition to the theme!

One extra point for this book compared to the first one is the more comprehensive Mental Toughness Growth Plan worksheet(s).

So, this one is a keeper, and another to help you grow grit right!

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  1. I love the fact that you brought up communication and confidence. I feel that you can’t have confidence without communication whether it is intrapersonal communication or interpersonal. The way we speak to ourselves is so important to gain confidence and the people around us can affect the way we see ourselves also.

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