15 Books to Gift Dad for Father’s Day

Every special day (well, every day is special in its own way!) needs some gifting going on. It is therefore true of Father’s Day too! So here are a list of 15 Books to Gift Dad for Father’s Day….

Father’s Day was supposed to be Fathers’ Day. What is the difference, you ask? The apostrophe!

Sonora Snart Dodd, one of six children raised by a single father, wanted a day to honor dads just like the one set aside for moms – that was Fathers’ Day. Dodd petitioned for the holiday to be written as “Fathers’ Day,” but when the bill was passed by the US Congress in 1914, the term used was “Father’s Day”, and that is how we know it as today.

Today’s gift guide for dads will feature my favorite gifts of all – books! This was due a while ago on my blog but…. well, here it is now 🙂

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Books close to my heart I know (and hope) dads will enjoy:

Haroun - Books for Dads

Haroun and the Sea of Stories – by Salman Rushdie: About a dad who fights the forces of evil alongside his son, about a dad who revels in being a storyteller, and about a dad who is proud of being a dad. My review of the book is here.

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And for more books close to my heart, here is a list of 19 books (minus the one above actually) in an earlier post on my blog.

Books for dads who need some laughs:

Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan: I have enjoyed watching Jim Gaffigan on-stage and reading his take on parenting and kids is, well, another of those glad I am reading this in the privacy of my home…

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And dads love those jokes, right? – 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes – This one is sure to be a hit with my kids’ dad – my DH; and be ready to listen to them over and over again (groan…but a grinning groan!)

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For geek dads:

Machine Man by Max Barry: While looking for geeky books for dad, I ran into this gem. I am currently reading this and enjoying it so far (and well, DH can get to it post Father’s Day!)

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Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating the Ideas That Shape Our Reality by Ben Orlin

I discovered this book at a local book store – Books Inc. – and I know this is one that the in-house dad here will love and the whole family will use well.

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For dads who (want to) know everything:

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions  by Randall Munroe: Oh my! That was my reaction to this book. I recently also read a book about the fun art form called droodles. And this one is another such clever art form – so in love with these! And ‘what if’ has never been funner than this book

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Who Built That, by Michelle Malkin: For those who love tinkering with their toolbox, this book is sure to be inspirational. It features awesome, as it says, tinkerpreneurs. I know I loved the little I have read of this

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Astrophysics for People in a Hurry  by Neil de Grasse Tyson: I read this book when I was on a Cosmos watching binge sometime back; and I was impressed and not bored at all even though this genre is not my first choice of books. And I know many dads who will enjoy this book.  

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For DIY dads

who would love to spend time making stuff – whether it is a cool contraption or a recipe to relish, you have Mike Adamick’s series of books for dads! How cool is that?

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For every dad :

The Life of Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood from Today’s Leaders, Icons, and Legendary Dads by Jon Finkel and Art Eddy: This book features dads and their personal stories on being a dad. Whether it is a lesson taught to or learned from their kids, whether it is the joys and chaos and struggles that is part of fatherhood, or more, this book will make dad feel like being part of that wonderful community that is fatherhood!

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Knock Knock What I Love about Dad Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal : While I don’t own this particular Fill In book for a loved one, I do have another in the series which I have to let you know is simply adorable and heart-warming!

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And then there are these:)

Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown: While we personally are not huge Star War fans, I do totally fall in love with books like this. How can I not?

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Vader’s Little Princess: Same as above. Both these books will make great gifts for new dads, and if they are Star War fans, bonus points!

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So, dear reader, which of these books for dad will you be gifting to the dad you know? Or to yourself (if you are me!)

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35 thoughts on “15 Books to Gift Dad for Father’s Day

  1. Nice choices. My dad never picked a book up (Or I never saw him) although he used to tell me about how he enjoyed the Famous Five books as a kid. The most I ever saw him read was the newspaper. Great selection though.

    1. Famous Five books were among my favorites too (and I still read the ones I have to take a trip down memory lane once in a while!)
      The good thing with most of these books is they are not a novel so we can pick and choose the chapters/sections to read randomly

  2. Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan, the Darth Vader books by Jeffrey Brown, and The Life of Dad by Jon Finkel and Art Eddy all sound like fantastic boooks for some father I know! I’ll check them out.

  3. These are all really great looking books that my husband would really love for sure! He always read books every night.

  4. What a fantastic list of books to gift dad for Father’s Day! As an avid reader, I’m always on the lookout for new recommendations, and this collection seems perfect for honoring and celebrating fathers.

  5. My husband would really enjoy that Neil deGrasse book — he’s a science geek 😊. He doesn’t have much time for reading, but maybe that could be part of his Father’s Day gift: a new book, and a few hours of uninterrupted time so that he can actually read it!

  6. You have included a great variety of books here. I’m sure dads would be over the moon with any of these books.

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