2017 Reading Challenges

Today’s post is my list of reading challenges this year. Reading challenges do inspire you to read (well, of course!) – over the past few years (the years when I was actively participating in them), joining these challenges meant I discovered new genres, widened my scope by reading out of my comfort zone and enjoying great new books from around the world.

I am hoping to be more consistent in participation and even completing most (or all) of them. So, here it goes – my list of challenges this year:

1. Short Story Reading Challenge – Deal Me in 2017
I love reading short stories for as long as I can remember. Some of my
favorite authors include O’ Henry, H.H.Munro, Oscar Wilde, Poe,
Hawthorne, as well as  Rabindranath Tagore and Munshi Premchand. My love
of short stories will make this challenge a breeze, hopefully!

2. What’s in a Name 2017
This is a challenge I have participated in the past. Looking for books
that satisfy this challenge is half the fun 🙂 And I hope to get a
diverse set of books this year to read for the same. 

3. Full House Reading Challenge 2017
Playing bingo is always fun and when you cross off a row or column, or
the best one – the full house for the win, it makes it even more better.
Reading books while doing so – the very best. So here is to getting to
full house this year.
4. Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge
– Kidlit is another of my evergreen favorites (since the time I was a
kid!) and with my kids reading classics as part of their school reading,
I am re-reading old favorites and discovering new ones (I grew up in
India and now in the US) so this challenge was one I definitely wanted
to add to my list.
5. Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge 2017
– This is another of my favorite reading challenges from past years and
I hope to make a success of it this year. Again, finding books to meet
the challenge of the monthly keyword is half the fun!
6. 2017 NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge
– I know my treasure map of goals for the year says five reading
challenges but I added this one for good measure and also because I am
totally lagging behind in reviewing my NetGalley and Edelweiss books.
You can also join in and read along in any or all of these reading challenges, just click on the links above for more information on the challenges themselves and to sign up. 
2017 Reading Challenges, Here I come! 

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