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3 Ways to Minimize that Candy Mountain In Your Home

So you are probably drowning in a sea of candy? Or maybe not if your kids made sure to stop trick-or-treating the moment you said they had enough candy :)? In any case, if you have more candy than you need (which is always the case if I consider my own sweet tooth), then here are a few options for you to consider:

  1. Operation Gratitude – You can donate the candy to Operation Gratitude so our troops stationed everywhere have some sweet treats to enjoy too! You can maybe set a collection center at your home or school and then find the nearest center you can send or drop the candy off too – click this link to find that information and enjoy that sweetness in your heart!!
  2. Soldier’s Angels – Similar to the above, Soldier’s Angels donates collected treats to deployed service members and veterans in VA hospitals. You can look for the nearest drop off center and donate your candy there and leave with a warm fuzzy feeling!
  3. Candy Buy Back Programs – If you need an incentive for the kids to donate the candy (I know, it is not really the same, but hey if it helps, go for it!), then this is the perfect solution for you. Businesses around the country have partnered with organizations working with veterans and troops (like above) and it is a win-win-win all around – businesses offer to buy back candy (for example, $2 for every 5 lbs or some other treats like books or toys or toothpaste in exchange for candy) and advertise their business in the process, veterans and troops get sweet treats to enjoy, and as for us, we ensure reduced visits to dentist offices!! Click on the link here to find the nearest buy back location.

Or you could always donate it to local shelters or the fire department or sheriff’s office too.

We have worked with our Scout troops in the past years and sent the collected candy (one year, it was over 60 lbs of candy!!) to Operation Gratitude and that feeling was truly sweeter than all the candy we can eat..

4 thoughts on “3 Ways to Minimize that Candy Mountain In Your Home

    1. Jill, That is cool that the school has a collection center 🙂 We have a much smaller collection this year (thankfully!) and currently, it is missing all the AlmondJoys (guess who loves them!)

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