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So Many Wonderful Tomorrows

Once upon a time

your tiny kicks,

like bubbling whispers


danced upon my heart.

Soon no longer a dream,

your first breath

on my cheek

made me blissful


Today, your giggles, your grins

cue answering

sparkly shimmery


Tomorrow’s beauty is next.

There is so much a little girl can do – waiting to see what the tomorrows bring!! For dVersePoet’s Quadrille #44, where the word to be used this week is ‘kick’.

I can read this too - says my little girl
My little girl at age 2 1/2 letting us know she can read the map at Great America park:)


12 thoughts on “So Many Wonderful Tomorrows

  1. Oh how I love this!!! Brings back so many memories…as I am now in my seventh decade….but I do remember those little dancing feet within my belly and then the sheer exhileration of birth and then the calm of holding that little one upon my chest in a rocking chair…and so many stagest afterwards. People always used to say, “treasure it now because it goes so fast” and some days I’d just scoff at that as it seemed I was mired in dirty diapers, or temper tantrums in the grocery store or teenage angst…but it is so very true. We have our children actually with us for such a very short time within the span of our lives. Enjoy every minute! Loved your post here….and the walk down my memory’s lane it prompted 🙂 Thank you!

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