5 Instant Energy Boosts

ABC Wednesday this week is exploring the letter E. E is for Energy and that is something many of us would love to have more of. Some things that help me get an instant boost of energy anytime of the day are:
1. Listening (and moving) to upbeat tunes – Any music that makes me move and groove to it is an instant energy booster.
2. Play with my kids – Anything from a walk outside with them or a quick game of hopscotch to a quick game of hide and go seek if it is an indoors kind of day brings a smile to my heart – an instant energy boost right there
3. Find a reason to LOL – yes, laugh out loud – there is a reason they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ – because it is true.
4. Liquid Energy – Water and herbal teas are my to go drinks (as well as an occasional cuppa chai).
5. Power naps – Taking a short nap – even just 10-15 minutes or just closing my eyes and letting myself calm down provides me a much needed energy boost.

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