Not Science Fiction; Reality!

For today’s post, I am using BlogHer‘s prompt.
Have you ever used a 3D printer or had something 3D printed? If you could use a 3D printer today, what would you make?
A 3D printer almost sounds like a genie, and even a few
years ago, would have sounded like something in a science fiction novel – but it
is real, and very useful too. I recently read of entire homes being built using
3D printers – you can see one article here – the time, effort, and the finances needed for these homes being
lesser than regular construction processes, these printers can truly be a boon.
As for myself, I am sure I will not own a printer on this
scale but if I had one to use at home, what would I use it for? For starters, I might have to pick it under lock and key, because, otherwise, like the rest of the gadgets that were supposedly bought for me on Mother’s Day or my birthday, I will never actually see or use it once it makes its way to our door. Once I have it safe and secure to use, I will occasionally let the kids use it, of course. And what would I make? That is the main question to answer (I have not used one yet or had anything printed using one, by the way) – I am guessing I will use it to recreate bookish worlds if I could! Mini Narnias, or the Night Circus, or Wonderland or a set out of the LOTR, or maybe something more real – from the past, like a scene from the Gettysburg Address while my kids learn about it, or a scene from each of our favorite books – oh, the choices are endless and I am sure I will have loads of fun with it. 

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