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Sunday Scribblings #150: A Beatles Inspired Poetic Journey and More

June 25th is Global Beatles Day to mark the first global live TV broadcast .. which took me on a Beatles inspired poetic journey this week. While I cannot honestly tell that I am a fan, I did listen to a few of the songs at random times, given the Beatles connection to India. And when I moved to the US, I definitely heard more.

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Notepad and a pen over it with a cup of coffee next to it. words read Sunday Scribblings, and this is for Sunday Scribblings #150: A Poetic Ode to the Beatles

Poetic Sundays: A Beatles Inspired Poetic Journey

As I mentioned at the start of the post, June 25th observes Global Beatles Day, so here is my poetic Sunday inspired by them. Rather than a poetic form or specific poems, today I bring you tips and ideas for a Beatles inspired poetic journey.

Ideas for a Beatles Inspired Poetic Journey

Here are a few ideas for you to get started on a Beatles inspired poetic journey of your own! Note that these are but some of the many ways you can be inspired by their songs and them as well.

Song Lyric Collage

Create a poetic collage, or rather a cento, using lines from different Beatles songs. Select lines or phrases that resonate with you and rearrange them to form a poetic composition. Experiment with the flow, rhythm, and imagery that emerges from combining these lyrics in new and unexpected ways.

Song Lyric as Inspiration

Select a favorite Beatles song lyric and use it as a starting point for your poem. Expand upon the theme or idea conveyed in the lyric and explore it in a more introspective or imaginative way. You can incorporate imagery and symbols from their songs into your poetry. Whether it’s the Yellow Submarine, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, or the Long and Winding Road, infuse your work with these iconic elements to create a vivid and evocative poetic experience.

Character Exploration

Choose a specific character from a Beatles song (e.g., Eleanor Rigby, Jude, Lucy) and delve deeper into their story. Write a poem that gives voice to their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Explore their journey, motivations, and the impact they have on the Beatles’ narrative.


The Beatles’ songs were known for their songs that addressed social issues and made political statements. Other songs were filled with love or infused with magical realism and imagination. Channel this spirit of activism, love, magic, and imagination into a poem. So now you can tackle a contemporary or societal issue, explore themes such as peace or equality, combines everyday experiences with fantastical or surreal imagery, or any other theme that appeals to you.

Tribute Poem

Last but not the least, you can write a tribute poem dedicated to the Beatles as a whole or to individual band members.

Further Reading, References, and h/t

My Beatles Inspired Poetic Attempt

Lost and Found: From Confusion to Yosemite Bound!
I was lost, really lost,
Didn’t know where I was, you see…
Nor did I know where I was headed
(Well, that one I forgot, actually!)
But then she came, a guiding light for me.
Showed me a path to follow, the “right” one for me..
Thus changing my life with a wave of her hand…
Finally I was on the right road to Yosemite!!

~ Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites


At Home and On My Blog

We had a busy week indeed. Last Sunday was our drive down to help my son pack up his on-campus apartment room, clean it up, and load our van with stuff. Plus, we had our own luggage as we had an impromptu mini-vacation planned along with this pick-up! So it was a pretty full load in our van with 5 of us and all this stuff. It is amazing how much even my son managed to add on (at least two bags worth of stuff more than he left with from home at the start!). Then it was off for a stay at the wonderful Historic Santa Maria Inn – and it is so worth it. Will write more about the trip and the stay soon. Then ended the week with dropping him off at another location this Sunday for the summer quarter.

On my blog this past week, I ended up with the posts below:


On My Blog & Homefront: Listening to Some Beatles’ Music Maybe?!

hopefully the weather has made up its mind.. and I will spend time writing posts, listening to music, zumba-ing, and watching hummingbirds!

This Week’s Celebrations

The Literary and Close-to-it Celebrations

  • Literary birthdays this week include: Pearl S Buck on June 26th; Alice McDermott, E. R. Braithwaite, Helen Keller, and Teju Cole on the 27th of June; Jean-Jacques Rousseau on June 28th; Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Charlotte Bingham on the 29th of June; Winston Graham on June 30th; William Strunk, Lisa Scottoline on July 1st; Hermann Hesse, Jack Gantos, and Matthew Reilly on the 2nd of July

The Foodie Celebrations

The Other Celebrations

  • National Barcode Day, observed on June 26 every year, commemorates a historical event in retail culture on which a product had its Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) scanned for the first time. On June 26, 1974, the first U.P.C. which was on a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum, was scanned at a grocery store in Troy, Ohio in the United States. 
  • National Bingo Day, on June 27, celebrates America’s love of Bingo
  • It is the National Day of Joy on the last Wednesday of June, which falls on the 28th this year. June 28th also observes Tau Day, the cool mathematical constant.
  • And then up your oxytocin levels on the 29th of June with Hug Holiday! Some joy and some hugs are sure to leave you smiling, which helps for it is also National Camera Day on this date.
  • International Asteroid Day is observed on June 30th each year. And this date also celebrates social media with World Social Media Day.
  • Start off July with some LOLs as it is International Joke Day on July 1, and add some music to it with International Reggae Day 
  • July 2nd is special to me, for it is my birthday! And then it is also World UFO Day, National Disco Day, I Forgot Day, and Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day

Wrapping up my Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, this was it for this post. As always, appreciate and totally welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on these scribblings on Sunday! And which of these days in this wonderful week do you plan to celebrate?

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #150: A Beatles Inspired Poetic Journey and More

  1. The Beatles lit up the lives of millions of people with songs of love and hope and peace and optimism. I felt like the world was gray before the Beatles but afterward, it was luminescent. The Beatles are a worthy group to celebrate. You have come up with lots of wonderful ways to do so.

  2. It is nice to draw inspiration from different places. My daughter is doing a project that studies how music was shaped by historical events. I like combining different forms of art.

  3. wow! These ideas are awesome. I will make a Song Lyric Collage with my daughter. We will have a lot of fun together!

  4. Hi there!

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your Beatles-inspired poetic journey in Sunday Scribblings #150. Your words beautifully captured the essence of the band’s music and the emotions they evoke. It was a delightful and nostalgic read. Thank you for sharing your talent!

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