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If Wishes Were Books and Granted: Wonderful Indeed!

Just imagine…. if wishes were books and granted, that would be wonderful indeed… definitely for me… so here is hoping and wishing that bookish wishes everywhere are granted. This week’s theme over at ThatArtsyReaderGirl is bookish wishes you might have. I have way too many books on my TBR and this time, I decided to twist the theme a bit and instead of a bookish wish list, have a list of books with ‘wish’ in the title instead.

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So here is a list of:

Where Wishes Were (well, are) Books!

Wishes and Books That Have Come True

  1. I Wish You More by by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld (picture book, 2 – 6 years, and up). is a sweetheart of a book for sure, and one that will gladden any parent’s heart.
  2. A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat(children’s fantasy, 8 – 12 years, and up). My first fictional read from Soontornvat, and it was magical, like wishes come true!
  3. Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges and illustrated by Sophie Blackall (Children’s Books, 8 – 12 years, and up). This is a story that inspires on so many levels. Read my full thoughts here.
  4. I Wish Wish Wish For You by Sandra Magsamen and pictures by Melisa Fernández Nitsche(picture book, 4 – 7 years, and up). Check out my review here.
  5. The Wish Carvers by Kathleen Gauer(Children’s folktales, 8 – 12 years, and up). Read my thoughts on this delightful book here.
  6. Wish by Matthew Cordell(baby – 3 years, and up too). Oh my! What an adorable adorable read.. will make a great gift for new and expecting parents (and well, parents at any stage actually)
  7. Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry and illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld (picture book, 1 year and up). This one is delightful and joyous and so very fun to read. Plus those illustrations – so many details and so very vibrant. And I simply love the rules (will keep them in mind for my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks now!). A bonus – many cool facts to learn.
  8. You and Me and the Wishing Tree by Nancy Tillman (picture book, baby – 4 years, and up). As always, Tillman delivers a heartwarming, sweet, and sure to leave you emotional read.
  9. The Perfectly Perfect Wish by Lisa Mantchev and illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle(4 – 8 years, and up). Is there anything that can be a perfect wish? Read this book to find out.
  10. Wishes by Muon Thi Van & illustrated by Victo Ngai (Children’s Asian books, 4 years and up). With stunning artwork and a moving narrative, this book about a one Vietnamese family’s search for a new home is a must-must-read.
  11. Carmela Full of Wishes by Matt de la Peña and illustrated by Christian Robinson (3 – 6 years, and up). This book is hopeful, magical, sweet, and so very beautiful both in words and its artwork.
book cover images with book titles containing the word 'wish'.. so bookish Wishes!

And Those that are Still Wishes (aka on my tbr)

  1. Billy Miller Makes a Wish by Kevin Henkes (8 years+). This sounds like a perfect summer read for children of all ages! And the black and white illustrations here by the author look so very cool.
  2. The Wishmakers(series) by Tyler Whitesides (7+). What will you do if you suddenly become a wishmaker, or rather, when a genie in a peanut butter bottle makes you a wishmaker? I am looking forward to reading this series.
  3. Wishing Day (series) by Lauren Myracle and illustrated by Julie McLaughlin (8+). This series sounds so very magical where, on the third night of the third month after a girl’s thirteenth birthday, every girl in the town of Willow Hill can make three wishes.
  4. Wish by Barbara O Connor (8+). A book that I started reading but had to put away for some reason, and somehow couldn’t get back to. But now I need to go look for it and read it soon.. a tugging-at-heartstrings type of book from what I recall.
  5. Wishtree by Katherine Applegate (8+). When I saw the author’s name itself, I had to add this book to my list, and the cover as well as the book description are further lures. Check it out for yourself.
  6. Things I Wish I Told My Mother by by Susan Patterson and Susan DiLallo with James Patterson (Women’s Fiction). A book I have been thinking about reading since I first saw it a while ago now.. Hopefully this summer….?! 
  7. The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas (9+). From making wishes to stealing them! When you encounter someone who steals wishes (and pennies), how can you set things right?
  8. Eden’s Wish (Eden of the Lamp series) by Tara Crowl (8+). Another wishful book, another genie.. This time, it is the genie who has a wish!
  9. The 11:11 Wish by Kim Tomsic (8+). An enchanted teen magazine that promises miracle makeovers and sure-fire secrets for winning friends and crushes??? Sounds like it will be a fun magical read for middle-graders everywhere (and for others too).
  10. The Wish by Nicholas Sparks (women’s fiction). One of the few non-children’s fiction books on my list today. I think I am yet to read a book by Sparks (I know!!) and maybe this is wishful thinking, but maybe the first one will be The Wish!
  11. Granted by John David Andersen (8+). And to end it all, a book titled simply Granted!! Magical creatures called Granters… isn’t that enough to make one want to read the book? A story that explores how to truly give someone what they want..
book cover images with book titles containing the word 'wish'.. so bookish Wishes!

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And Now, the End of This Post

Dear readers, which of these books appeals to you? Which of these have you read (and your thoughts on those)? Go ahead and get any or all of these books and someone’s bookish wishes come true!! Books are wishes come true in one way, right?

18 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Books and Granted: Wonderful Indeed!

  1. I wan’t to get Ruby’s Wish and have my 12 YO read it to her friends this summer. Do you have any other recommendations for 12 year olds?

    1. Many of the books on this list are great for 12 year olds… A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat is really a great read as well.. and the others i mentioned in my second list as 7 or 8+ (i am yet to read them but loved the synopsis and they all have glowing reviews)..

  2. Some cute sounding books here. My TBR is always out of control and I don’t read quick enough to get through them haha. But buying books is a different hobby to reading x

  3. Thank you for this list of books…I am loving them all! I will have to check these out to add to my little ones home library!

  4. Wow, what an amazing list of books with ‘wish’ in the title! Your descriptions and recommendations make me want to read them all. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the personal touch you bring to your reviews. Keep up the fantastic work! Happy reading!

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