A Not So Itsy Bitsy Etsy Gift Guide

It is the season after all, the time where you see gift ideas, gift guide for abcs and xyzs, suggestions for DIYs, and more. So here is one more such post for you! I am kind of new to Etsy, but not really! I have purchased quite a few items over the years already via Etsy, and each one has always met or surpassed my expectations. What is more, Etsy store owners are super-responsive and efficient and helpful, from my personal experience so far. [One was a pair of engraved metal nameplates for benches my son made for his Eagle Scout Project last year that we totally loved.]

While I hope to have my very own Etsy store front, in the meantime, I truly enjoy browsing the stores, favoriting items like crazy, and making gift lists with loved ones in mind. And to be honest, also for imaginary people who are like me; my plan: ship items to those imaginary people, care of me, to my address 🙂

Anyways, I put some of these favorites into categories for you to preview and add to your gift cart for yourselves and loved ones.

My Not So Itsy Bitsy Etsy Gift Guide

Gifts For the One Who Feeds

I truly enjoy the time my daughter and I spend together in the kitchen; she is the best helper I can have. She instinctively knows what I am looking for before I voice it; and when she is owning the recipe, I help her the same way. If I am being truthful, she is the better chef, baker, and whatchamacallit of the kitchen. So I had to create this list for us – For the One Who Reigns in the Kitchen…. – that we both keep adding to every so often. Granted, there are repeats, but we can’t help it!!!

The Better-than-Average Beverage Gift Guide

As a family, we love our teas, coffees, hot chocolates, and more…. so here to quench our thirst, a bevy of beverages in this gift list – For the Love of Beverages!! I know I would love a hug in a mug <3

The Bookish Gift Guide

Given who I am, you should not be surprised to see bookish items in the previous lists. But books and bookish things deserve more love after all, in my mind. So for all of you who are looking for things bookish to gift yourselves or someone this holiday season, check out this list of Bookish Holiday Gifts that yours truly loves!! A peek below

etsy bookish gift guide

And do check out Etsy’s Holiday Shop for many more cool gifts for the season!

I am a member of Etsy’s Affiliate Program, and the above links are affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on any of my links.

A Not So Itsy Bitsy Etsy Gift Guide

12 thoughts on “A Not So Itsy Bitsy Etsy Gift Guide

  1. Perfect suggestions for gift ideas this December. I’m starting to do aome shopping now to avoid getting the Holiday shopping rush. I’ll put tjos suggestions in my list

  2. Etsy is great and you can find so many beautiful, unique things. Also, each time we buy something we support a small business. I didn’t know either that there was an Etsy affiliate programme. I will check it out.

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