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Sunday Scribblings #171: A Wonderful Poetry Break with Word Reverse

This week has a couple of poetry related days, you know, those sometimes fun, sometimes quirky, and always simply a way to celebrate things random and important and everything in between! One of them is Poetry Break Day, and since we also have Word Nerd Day coming up this week, I decided to feature the invented poetic form called Word Reverse this week.

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Notepad and a pen over it with a cup of coffee next to it. words read Sunday Scribblings, and this is for Sunday Scribblings #90: To a Wonderful Thriving Twenty Twenty Two

Poetic Sundays: Poetry Break with Word-Reverse

Take a poetry break this week, and note, not a break from poetry.. with the fun yet challenging word-reverse poetic form invented by Walter E. Ferguson III (AllPoetry). It is all about finding words that make sense in reverse too (not palindromes) and using such words as the last words of your poem’s lines instead of using rhyming words. So the reverse of the words instead of words that rhyme…

An interesting word (for the word nerds) for you: semordnilap. It is a word, phrase, or sentence that forms another word, phrase, or sentence when its letters are reversed. It is different from a palindrome, which is the same when read backwards or forwards. The word semordnilap itself is a semordnilap of the word palindromes!

Other words for these reverse words are reversgram, anadrome, and heteropalindrome.

What is the Word-Reverse Poetic Form?

This one has no rules, almost! Just one actually – and it is that you use reverse words where ever you might otherwise choose to use rhyme.  Instead of rhyming, the last words of the lines are spelled backwards (reversed) where rhymes would be (source)

The Word-Reverse’s Characteristics

So the Word-Reverse’s elements are that at its most basic, it is:

  • word-based (of sorts): depending on the rhyme scheme you had in mind, you simply replace the rhyming words with backwards words. See example below to better understand this
  • free of any other rules: no other restrictions on meter or line length or poem length or anything else 

My Word-Reverse Attempt for a Poetry Break of My Own

I cleaned that top drawer, you know, that junk drawer
And found that cleaning was its own reward
Plus that rare two dollar bill I saw,
Well, that one too, a reward it truly was!

~Vidya Tiru @ LadyInReadWrites

Tips and Links to Help You on Your Poetry Break

Check out this link for a list of reverse words or semordnilaps.


On My Blog

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And At Home

We spent part of the last week of last year in the same place we spent part of the first week of the year, and with the same people! It was a cool coincidence because both trips were unexpected and last minute ones. We loved spending time with family and close family friends (who are almost family too) these past two weeks, and exploring Miami and Jacksonville with them.


On My Blog and Home Front

My collegiate son is heading back to school and the rest of us get ready for back to routines. I hope to post as much as I can this week for writing is therapy for me.

This Week’s Celebrations (includes a Poetry Break)

Literary Celebrations (close-to-it also)

Foodie Celebrations

Other Celebrations

Wrapping up my Sunday Scribblings

So dear reader, you have reached the end of this Sunday Scribblings! As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about this post. Will you be taking a poetry break this week (not a break from poetry)? And do let me know if you plan to celebrate any of these mentioned celebrations this coming week/month?

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  1. What a unique way to celebrate Poetry Break and Word Nerd Day! Exploring the Word Reverse form seems like an intriguing challenge!

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