Alvida for now – Bloggiesta…(Alvida meaning Goodbye)

My first Bloggiesta is officially over and it is now time for the wrap up posts.. This weekend proved to be totally busy with weekend classes for the kids, friends, guests and cooking so was not bloggiesta-ing too much but since I did get a whole lot accomplished in way of mini-challenges, sans SEO, I still feel good about it.

I learned a whole lot of things, loads of cool tips and ideas on how I can better do blogging and even work-life-home-life-blog-life-other-life balance.

Focusing on reviews and posts will be what I am doing the next couple of days since I could not do this with all else going on this weekend. But with all the cool tips, the mini-challenge of writing reviews better and faster, 150 words speed-writing reviews, and more from the coolest bloggiestas around, I think I can get this accomplished and get more posts scheduled by the time this week ends.

A BIG THANKS to Bloggiesta  hosts once more – It’s All About Books and There’s a Book. I will be looking at all the mini-challenges over the next few weeks and more to get lots done and they are listed here(this year’s challenges) and here (flashback mini challenges from previous

So what did I do on my list.. here it is with the progress/status:
1. Posts: (Partly Done)

  • Complete reviews of books, games I
    have been planning and schedule them (at least two) (Partly Done)
  • Complete posts for reading
    challenges that I put off and schedule them(at least two) – (Partly Done)
  • Complete posts for my Tuesday/Thursday
    posts that I put off and schedule them(at least two) (Partly Done)
  • Plan a schedule for memes – done

2. Make new blogging friends – made lots of bloggiesta friends
3. GoogleReader cleanup – (Partly Done)
4.  Update my Reading
Challenges – (Partly Done)
5. Mini Challenges
Facebook promotion – thanks to Liza – done – contemplating on whether to have a FB page
Twitter promotion – thanks to Katie  – done
Mr.Linky tutorial – thanks to Kelly – partly done
Pinterest promotion – thanks to Joy – done
SEO thanks to April – WIP 
Write faster reviews – thanks to Melanie – done
Social Media Icons – thanks to Lisa – done
Sidebar challenge – thanks to Penelope– done
Promote through commenting – thanks to Sheila – done
Backup your blog – thanks to The Book Vixen – done
Themed pages – thanks to Charlotte – done

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