BBAW – Day 5 – Alvida, for now..

Alvida means good bye.. so good bye to BBAW for now, until next year..

This is the first time I took part in BBAW and it has been a great experience. Like I mentioned in my earlier BBAW post about blogging, I have been like a child who opened a treasure box this week!!

How do I feel at the end of this week? A little sad that it is over already but then I also feel a whole lot of other things, all way better than a little sad:
I feel wonderful – wonderful to be a part of this super-duper community of bloggers.

I feel energized – energized to keep at it and keep blogging.

I feel happy – happy to have discovered so many new blogger friends and
wonderful books that are just waiting to be read.

I feel thrilled – thrilled that there are people out there with whom I can
share the joys of reading and who will understand my obsession with books and
of late, blogging.

I feel proud – proud that I am a blogger who blogs about books, and so
should you!

Thank you, BBAW

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