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Being Amelia Bedelia for a Day

So yesterday, I talked about the #LiveLikeaBookChallenge being hosted by Max @ Completely Full Bookshelf over this weekend. And now here I am attempting to live like a book, well, like the character lives in the book (kind of). I decided that being awesome Amelia Bedelia for a day or two would be perfect, and maybe drive others around me crazy too! So, yes – perfect!!

For some reason, despite the many characters in non-kid books that I totally love and have thought that I would like to be when I read those books, when I saw the description of this challenge, the first thing that came to my mind was Amelia Bedelia! And after trying to find some other character from a more, well, serious book maybe, I gave up and went back to that first thought that popped up.

I read Amelia Bedelia books only as an adult after moving to the US and after my kids started reading. And I totally adore her. Plus, picking her for this challenge also fits my Saturday life is supercalifragilistisexpialidocious theme too!

Since there are way too many books to pick from this series, I initially thought I would just pick one of the few we have at home. But then I found a couple others that seem a better fit for me, so here is me,

Being Amelia Bedelia: Part One

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel | Children’s Humor (3 – 7 years, and up) | Greenwillow Books; 50th Anniversary ed. edition (January 29, 2013)

Ever since Amelia Bedelia made her debut in 1963, young readers have been laughing out loud at the antics of this literal-minded but charming housekeeper. 

So in this book, Amelia Bedelia starts her job as a housekeeper at the Rogers’ household, and Mrs. Rogers leaves her home alone (!) with a list of things to do. In her usual way, Amelia takes care of items on the list literally, as expected. Living this book and even taking things literally is not too hard for me. I do that deliberately with my teens to annoy them often 🙂

For this book, I picked a few of the things from the book itself so I could #LiveLikeaBook!

The drapes on my patio doors leading to the backyard…!

And then there was ‘dusting the furniture’ which I did attempt but cleaned the furniture up soon after I dusted it some with fine dust 🙂 and like Amelia, ‘measured two cups of rice’ to be at 4+ inches 🙂

Next up, for day 2 of the challenge tomorrow, will be

Being Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm: Part Two

Coming soon….

Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm by Herman Parish and illustrated by Lynn Sweat |  Children’s Books about Libraries & Reading (4 – 8 years, and up!) | Greenwillow Books; Reprint edition (June 28, 2005)

Amelia Bedelia is helping out at the library! She may not know the difference between a stegosaurus and a thesaurus, but Amelia Bedelia will go to any lengths to make reading fun.

Like Amelia Bedelia, I think it will be cool for books to have jackets, actual ones, I mean!

While I did not make one all the way, I looked for one (well, we call saree blouses jackets sometimes) that fits a book, and here it is. Pachinko gets a makeover 🙂

Amelia announces “free bookmarks to everyone” after another misunderstanding (when the librarian hands over a book to one of the children at the library saying “Here is your book, Mark.”)

So here are free bookmarks for you to print out as well. Click on the links to get the printables

And Now, the End of This Post

Dear reader, if you could live within a book, or like a character in a book, what book/character would it be?

5 thoughts on “Being Amelia Bedelia for a Day

  1. This is delightful, Vidya!! I love the idea of spending the day super-literally like Amelia Bedelia, and the activities you chose from the book are perfect! I really appreciate you joining in for the challenge and sharing your adventures!

  2. I was busy with lots of other stuff this weekend so I didn’t get into this as much as you and Max did. I picked Charlotte’s Web. I befriended a little spider who was crawling around my humidifier. It didn’t write anything, and thankfully, it didn’t lay any eggs either. I carted my granddaughters Peppa Pig around with me today so I could be a bit like Fern.
    I hope we do this again.

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